Kojima: I can't say if Solid Snake will be in MGSV

Kojima does not want to confirm whether or not Solid Snake will make an appearance in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

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Number-Nine1970d ago


"i want you to think he won't in the game, but he will....but then again, he wont............then again, maybe he will."

kojima mind games!

Grave1970d ago

"This is not the Snake you seek."

Blankolf1970d ago

Jedi hand motion "Move along"

DARK WITNESS1969d ago (Edited 1969d ago )

he is obviously not in the game because he wants to you think he will be in the game by suggesting that he wont be in the game!

wait, maybe he will be in the game because he knows that by saying he wont be in the game, people will think that he wont really be in the game because they assume that he is going to think that people will think that he will be in the game.

Wait.....what, ahhh... no, hummm

braydox211968d ago

well if liquid snake (eli) is going to be in the game i can't see why not.

Mr_Nuts1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

Well if he isn't and Hayter isn't voicing him or even in the game then you have officialy been an arsehole towards Hayter.

Yeah just dump the guy who's been Snake for 15 years for a Hollywood actor who is doing a horrible job voicing him. It's like Jack Bauer is in the game, not Snake.

Time will tell I suppose.

Mr Tretton1970d ago

You can't dump someone who wasn't hired for a specific project.

Their new recording techniques for the cutscenes require someone who can act. David Hayter isn't a good actor.

Mr_Nuts1970d ago

But they still could of hired a Japanese motion cap actor instead. It's not like Kojima was forced to get Sutherland.

ZBlacktt1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

Total BS answer..... Jack, your fired ( Donald Trump voice ).

Draugz1963d ago

... mocap has been used for MGS games since MGS2

Dead_Cell1969d ago

What's with all the demand for Japanese casting? It's a western-orientated game and to be honest, ninety percent of anything portrayed seriously in either gaming or movies by Japanese developers is entirely awful.

MrSwankSinatra1970d ago

if its adult snake, he better be voiced by david hayter or else that would be the biggest slight to any MGS fan. big boss not being voiced by david hayter i have no issue but solid snake is a different story.

Mr_Nuts1970d ago

Big Boss should of been voiced by Richard Doyle and the motion captured stuff should of been done by a new Japanese voice actor.

Theres more western fans who like Hayter then Japanese fans who like the Japanese wouldn't of gotten a big backlash doing this like they did with replacing Hayter.

breakpad1970d ago

totally agreed about the japanese actor ...Snake (any snake)should be motion captured by a japanese actor as they are far better in expressions/ voice acting combination than the their western colleagues

NihonjinChick1970d ago

At first I was mad about Matter not voicing Big Boss but after watching the trailer I realized his voiced would not have fit the character in this game. In MGS 5 big boss is a old and pretty husky. He looks nothing like he did in Snake Eater.

Shuyin1969d ago

I don't know why every one disagrees with you.

I replayed PW just yesterday and it made me realize how much I luv Hayter's voice acting but I agree with you. He wouldn't have been able to conduct such good mo-cap and serious, dark voice acting for MGSV.

Actually I'm glad he did now. Though, that only goes for Big Boss.

Solid Snake will always be Hayter. The day Kojima decides to dump Hayter for another VA to voice Solid, is the day I stop looking at him as the godfather of gaming.

Outside_ofthe_Box1970d ago

I want to play as a young Solid Snake just one more time please!

braydox211968d ago

you might get to play as a young liquid

coolasj1970d ago

I'm going to hold onto my theory that says MGS 5 will end in a Metal Gear 1 reboot until someone gets %100 on the game.

Mr_Nuts1970d ago

I wouldn't mind that...sort of like a retelling but change things up so future games will be differn't. It means they could get rid of the thing which makes Snake age fast and they could get rid of Raiden for the new MGS2. They could kill Liquid off and Solidus could get away instead....that would change a lot of stuff.

Pillsbury11970d ago

You mean changing the whole canon? NEVER.

Mr_Nuts1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

Good god, when did I say that, of course not

It wouldn't be changing the story because the main story (the main series) would have already have been completed

You would keep everything BEFORE MGS1 the same but change certain aspects of the first game to change the outcome of the future games.

You wouldn't change the main story because this would basicaly be an alternative timeline.

I mean after MGSV theres no where else for Kojima to go, this game was pushing it for starters, doing a semi reboot/retelling would allow him to do things differnt and tell differnt stories while keeping the characters we all love around.

Unless you want him to reboot it and tell a new story without Snake or any of the characters we've come to know and love.

Maninja1970d ago

You obviously don't know what a reboot is. By rebbot he means an HD version, as in when a game is remade graphics wise, and the source material remains untouched. Sure there might be a couple hidden easter eggs and features, but the story of the game would never be altered.So you're saying that Kojima would continue the story of big boss, which has been established to be part of the story of the other games in the MGS saga, only to change it at the end so everything else in the story afterwards changes? No, that's not going to happen. We already knows what happens to Liquid and Solidus after MGS V, because we already witnessed it years ago. If they reboot it, as you want them too, they would probably tell a new story with some new characters in the same universe. Kojima will never change the main story of the MGS games because they've already been established as series lore, even games like MGS 1,2, and 4, for future games. MGS V isn't meant to change the series, but rather bring it full circle. This will be the game that will help us explain the series from MG1 onwards.

Mr_Nuts1970d ago


Thats a remake man, not a reboot

A reboot is where you start from scratch but what I said was a semi-reboot.

Maninja1970d ago

What coolasj was talking about is a remake. Kojima said he wanted someone to remake MG 1, not reboot it so nothing is gonna change story wise

braydox211968d ago

snake what have you done youv'e created a time paradox

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