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CCC says: "It's hard for me to imagine that Leisure Suit Larry: Reloaded, the remake of a title that was originally built on a vague promise of pixilated nipples, could survive the trip through time. But the folks over at Replay Games, backed by a slew of Kickstarter supporters, are obviously less skeptical."

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cyguration1970d ago

That review score doesn't seem to agree with your sentiment.

Krosis1970d ago

This bozo compares the game to modern titles. It's simply a nostalgic return to the original that so many loved. Was never advertised as going to be groundbreaking. The original had tongue in cheek humor that surely wont be riske by today's standards. Not sure if you'd played the original, but the review score is silly. I too want to play it.

CrossingEden1970d ago

want to see nipples? oh that's easy, go outside, talk to a girl, use some suave and charismatic sweet talk, get her number, text her after one or two days, use sweet words through text, ask her out, pay for movie, dinner,gifts etc. and you'll get to second base in no time
seriously, there's no point to this game series, this series contributes to gaming as a whole as much as japanese visual hentai novels -_-

Sketchy_Galore1970d ago

Jesus, I thought you said easy. What is this? The days before free Internet porn?

Heisenburger1970d ago

Or you could be a man and call her.

Anyone can text, just like anyone can talk big on the internet.

Though it is not my intentent to suggest anything about you with that statement.

BitbyDeath1970d ago

Whatever happened to the classy days of just getting them drunk!?

joe901970d ago


I can't believe you go through all that work for some nipples,

I could of got a home run, got her pregnant with a fully paid mortgage and divorced by the time you got to paying for the movie.

cyguration1970d ago

Crap dude, I'm sorry I had to disagree with you because seeing boobies shouldn't require that rocket science you spewed out above.

NihonjinChick1970d ago

I hope you're not serious.

CrossingEden1970d ago

@heisenburger, true true, I forgot about calling

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BeganwithNes1970d ago

I loved the originals, when I was a kid.

MilkMan1970d ago

Sometimes the very nature of Kickstarting a game or project is for the devoted fans. Its great to share, but without their support there wouldn't be any LSL reboot to criticize. There should be some praise to the Kickstart program, and the contributors as well as the devs. For bringing the best product they cold produce from planning to completion.