Metal Gear Solid V is Project Ogre

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain and Project Ogre are one and the same thing. Kojima confirmed this in an interview held during E3.

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yewles11669d ago

So that whole "new IP with interconnectivity between PS3 and Vita" schtick from 2011 WAS a lie...

Nyxus1669d ago

Maybe that were his original plans, but they changed over the years. MGSV still has connectivity with mobile devices, maybe that's what is has changed into. Vita might be supported as well, but we haven't heard anything about it so far.

sobekflakmonkey1668d ago

I'm gonna be honest, I think Kojima just didn't have the balls to try something new, so he just went back to MGS....because he knew everyone was familiar with it, and he obviously knows that everyone is going to buy it regardless, just on its name alone...

Nate-Dog1668d ago

Actually in an interview with a Spanish website, Kojima said that MGSV was always Project Ogre.

Salooh1668d ago

I think it's still possible that vita will play MGSV in the go but with gaikai :)

Dark111668d ago

I really want a new IP from Kojima..

x5exotic1668d ago

Too bad
I expected a Shrek hack and slash

josh143991668d ago

I have a feeling the taboo subject the game covers are to do with child soldiers.

Donnieboi1668d ago

Yeah it's getting kinda obvious, especially since Kojima has said that repeatedly. Also, the latest trailer shows it too.

WeAreLegion1668d ago

Here's an idea...

Don't give your new game five different names. That's the dumbest thing I've seen Kojima do.

nick3091668d ago

I guess project ogre shifted into mgs5, unless the guy in the 2011 project ogre pic is young snake.