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EA to hike prices of PC games in India

IVG has been dreading this for over a year, but the inevitable has finally caught up with us. Starting September, EA does plan on raising prices for all its PC games in India. (EA, PC)

DoubleJumpAUS  +   639d ago
I'd recommend you edit your overview of the story to indicate how much we're talking about here in US Dollars. To save you a little bit of time, 1,799 rupees is $30.00, 1,499 rupees is $24.90, and 3,299 rupees is $54.81.
The Meerkat  +   639d ago
Oh my goodness gracious me
iamgoatman  +   639d ago
nugnugs  +   638d ago
Thats a nice relevant 1960's British racial stereotype there dude.
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Koyes  +   639d ago
Sad for indian gamers
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RBlue_Desire  +   639d ago
Just pointing it out.
Most PC games usually cost here between $8.4 $16.81 mark.
Rs.499 and RS.999.

And that is still seen as pretty high price by many people here in India.
H3ADWOUND81  +   639d ago
Price of games should be same as console anyhow, no sympathy here....
DeadlyFire  +   637d ago
This happens as India's PC hardware sales double from the previous year. I see your aim EA. You know the big PC boom is happening in India with potentially 800,000,000+ gamers in India in the future.

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