Continued Xbox 360 and PS3 Support Is Good for Consumers

CCC says: "In the fall of 2005, Microsoft launched the Xbox 360. While their debut system, the Xbox, failed to come close to dethroning the mighty PlayStation 2, Microsoft brought the 360 to market first, helping to give their system an advantage. It worked: If you wanted to play the latest and greatest game, you needed an Xbox 360. But their previous system, the Xbox, was essentially abandoned. Sure, you could still play Halo 2 on Xbox Live, but if you wanted a new game, you had to buy a new console."

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DA_SHREDDER1996d ago

Too much money to lose to not support this gen. Billions yet to make.

Funky Town_TX1996d ago

Support and great games are not the same thing. What is the point of support if all you get is yearly sports titles and movie based games. If that's all the 360 and ps3 get after 2014 then pull the plug.

Triforce0791996d ago

Yeah not good for ps4 and xbox1,when ur previous consoles have a better line up of games ur in trouble.

DEATHxTHExKIDx1996d ago

I knew they would. At least they didn't do what Ninteendo did and drop almost all support once the next console came out.

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