PS Vita/3DS Baby Making JRPG Conception II’s Opening Anime Video Published, Gets Soundtrack CD

The PS Vita/3DS JRPG Conception II is based on a slightly weird concept. The protagonist must raise his affection with a variety of girls in order to generate a number of “star child” and lead them to battle. No, he doesn’t do it in the usual way. While it skims the border quite closely Conception II isn’t an eroge.

Today Spike Chunsoft released the opening video of the game and announced the preorder bonus.

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FantasyStar2000d ago

So it's like a dating-sim version of Valkyrie Profile!

caseh2000d ago

Its kind of already been done with Record of Agarest War. You get the choice of women to mate with as a generation comes to an end, then you play as the child when they are grown up and they have the traits of the parents..and so on.

Shame the combat was f*cking tedious as it was an interesting idea.

SilentNegotiator2000d ago

And par for the course, 90% of the ladies look like teen girls with breasts off of an adult woman.

And the trailer has a terrible pop-rock song.

Sephiroushin2000d ago

It's not just on their anime or games, travel to Japan and you'll see many women even on their 30 looks very young some even like teens ...

I Agree on the song though !

pompombrum2000d ago

Lmfao the whole premise for this game is so Japanese. Would be nice to see a western release just for such a unique idea however this is just too niche even for JRPG fans.

NihonjinChick2000d ago

It has aspects of harem so this game can go in many directions. I hope it's not loaded with fan service like other Japanese games with similar premises.

tarbis1999d ago

Ugh, the English lyrics is so out of tune. They should stick to Japanese. But, I'm liking the game.