After Build Conference, Microsoft Says Xbox One Is(n’t) Better For Indies

FleshEatingZipper writes: If you’ve ever played a game on your smartphone, you understand the importance of allowing not just indie developers on a gaming platform, but allowing them to self-publish. Thousands of “garage developers” around the world make their living on platforms, whether PC, Vita or Android and in many ways, they serve as their foundation while bigger developers with massive budgets get much of the promotional space. The Xbox One, however, is somehow staunchly opposed to these developers taking root on their platform, an opinion lifted from the Xbox 360 days. With Microsoft’s Build conference ongoing for developers, you’d think they’d clear the waters and either endorse indie developers or provide a little relief. Well, they kinda did. Kinda.

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thebudgetgamer1969d ago

This whole Indi vs Microsoft thing is really dissapointing as the major reason I could never get rid of my 360 is the giant ammount of Indi games I bought and loved.

Roper3161969d ago

indie devs just don't put out enough dude bro shooters for MS to be interested in them. jmho

PerryCaravello1968d ago

Are you a dude or bro? If not, then what are you?

I'm a dude. Lol.

Belking1968d ago (Edited 1968d ago )

he may have have some identity issues going by that avatar

Roper3161968d ago (Edited 1968d ago )

I'm a person who is safe with their identity and doesn't worry about how a pic represents them and just uses what he likes.

Now Belking who doesn't know what to use for a avatar because he is insecure with himself and is to worried about what some randon internet person may think of him because of it?

@ perry - I'm a a bro to a dude and I did a cosplay girl last night dressed up as my avatar pic!

Selvaria was my favorite character of my favorite game of this generation of consoles hence the avatar

Aceman181968d ago

VC is also my favorite game this gen bubbles to you.

exfatal1968d ago

Well said Im watching the anime of this right now wish i had a chance to play the game.

PerryCaravello1968d ago

Didn't microsoft claim that 360 was some sort of "indie paradise." The reason for this claim had to do with the fact that they just put every crap game on their arcade service, therein inundating it with a heap of garbage shovelware.

I've always known that Sony has been the indie dev machine. Look at the great, blockbuster indie games that have appeared on PS3. I don't even know wtf is on xbox live arcade. Quality over quantity.

NihonjinChick1968d ago

This doesn't just prevent "crap" indie games from making on the market. It prevents some of the good ones from making it too.

HammadTheBeast1968d ago

PS3 was bad for Indies early on because of some policies, but mainly because of how difficult it was for indie devs to take advantage of the Cell.

punisher991968d ago

What all this means is that the PS4 is gonna have a ton of PS4/PC exclusives over the Xbox1. Guys check out "Daylight" and "Outlast".

Supermax1968d ago

If you look at Xbox live arcade vs ps store you'll see witch platform has the most games and by far the best metacritic scored games

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