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Kingdom Hearts 3 Information Blowout

GR - "We've compiled some of the latest information pertinent to Kingdom Hearts 3." (Kingdom Hearts 3, Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX, Next-Gen, PS4, Xbox One)

FullmetalAlchemist  +   582d ago
I can't wait to get 1.5 in a few months!
Blacktric  +   581d ago
Does 1.5 ReMix have both KH and KH2? I know it comes with cutscenes of the portable game but not sure about the other games. Also, is 1.5 a good way to get into the series or should I just play PS2 versions?
-Gespenst-  +   582d ago
I wish they'd include some Final Fantasy worlds in these games. Seems obvious. I'm absolutely sick of the sight (and sound) of Olympus Coliseum. Although I suppose all the Final Fantasy characters are supposed to have come from Hollow Bastion... Annoying that.

I hope they retain those command style thing from BBS and DDD. They seem to be retaining the flowmotion thing from DDD albeit in a better form. One thing about battles in KH is that they've gotten progressively more chaotic. I hope they can retain the stuff I've mentioned but make it more manageable and tighter. It'd be kind of good if they designed the battle style thing so you could swap manually rather than the game doing it automatically when the gauge fills. Also I just wish so many of your options during battle were actually useful. The drive forms, summons, d-links etc. all those things were barely useful except in some of the coliseum stuff. Very gratuitous otherwise. Very impressive and flashy, but sort of lacking substance.
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Zotaku87  +   582d ago
I have been wishing to see Final Fantasy worlds (or cities, at the very least - Midgar, Zanarkand, etc.) since KH1. Alas, like you said, I think the existence of Hallow Bastion, I don't think that's going to happen. Perhaps the best we can hope for is a shake-up via Pixar worlds.

Really though, since Chicken Little was a summon in KH2 and that's a Disney computer-animated movie, it would also be pretty great to see a proper Wreck-It Ralph world. The mini-game and cameo potential there is palpable.
FrightfulActions  +   582d ago
I'm on the otherside of that coin as I rather there not be Final Fantasty characters/worlds. The way I see it is if I wanted characters/worlds from Fantasy then I'd play one of the bazillion Final Fantasy games. I played Kingdom Hearts for Disney.

That being said, it is funny that Sephiroth, a meaningless boss battle, was immensely more difficult then literally any other boss battle through the game. It says a lot when a side-quest style boss is tons more difficult to beat then the games main actual antagonist.
-Gespenst-  +   582d ago
Wellll, it says more that a Final Fantasy villain is consistently the hardest boss in the game. Side-quests in rpgs are always how you fight superbosses.
DragonKnight  +   582d ago
FrightfulActions: Kingdom Hearts was created to be a Disney/FF crossover, not a Disney game. It became more Disney as time went on and Nomura lost his mind, but originally it was being labelled as a Disney/FF crossover. With each passing title, the emphasis on FF is reduced. It's not too much to ask to have ONE FF world, or city, in the game. Like Dream Zanarkand for example.

Also, in before Need4Game trolls the article by saying KH3 is going to be an Action-MMO.
FrightfulActions  +   582d ago

I didn't know that. I've never gotten that impression from it personally, though I've never seen advertisements for the game before so maybe thats where they pushed it off as being a cross-over focused title.

For me I only had the game box to go off of. Which had Donald and Goofy on the front. The back of it was all "100 Disney characters, Disney Villains, Disney Heroes"

To me the FF characters were more like cameos. Sure it had a few little things tossed in here and there but for the most part it was all Disney stuff. That was just my take-away from it though.

I just hope they don't take away from the Disney villains like they did with the second game. Square made all these new characters for that Organization 13 to kinda become the villain focus, where as the first game was almost exclusively on Disney Villains.

The most unique thing KH has going for it is the Disney character, imo. I just don't want that to be overshadowed by Final Fantasy.
CrossingEden  +   582d ago
the secret boss is always ridiculously more powerful then the rest of the bosses in these games, the DDD secret boss was ridiculously hard
Mr_Nuts  +   582d ago
*Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix, according to Tetsuya Nomura, will prepare gamers for Kingdom Hearts 3*

How? You Nomura said you need to play Dream Drop Distance to understand KH3, 1.5 Remix does not feature that game. So I don't see how it's going to prepare us


I love Kingdom Hearts but I hate the way it's been handled. They should of remained on Sony platforms OR the Nintendo ones should of been an alternative story/non cannon series to the main title ones. <spoilers> I hate the fact that in the end of KH:DDD (friend told me this) Sora dosen't even become a Keyblade Master but Rikku does. I know Rikku was the original Keyblade Master, I know but still he lost his heart to the darkness, turned evil, helped towards destroying worlds with darkness and tried to take out his friend multiple times and HE becomes a Keyblade Master despite Sora risking his neck TWICE to save both worlds despite him not even supposed to be a Keyblade wielder in the first place.

So anyway Normura get Dream Drop Distance on the PS3/PS4 and let us experience it then we'll talk.
Outside_ofthe_Box  +   582d ago
***"How? You Nomura said you need to play Dream Drop Distance to understand KH3, 1.5 Remix does not feature that game. So I don't see how it's going to prepare us"***

Was just about to say this. It is impossible for the 1.5 remix to prepare us for KH3 when KH2 and KH:3D aren't even in it.
Mr_Nuts  +   582d ago
Oh yeah totally forgot about KH2....there's that aswell
maniacmayhem  +   582d ago
You think they might actually include maybe a synapsis or a story thus far into the game?

I don't think that is a far fetched concept to include.
Mr_Nuts  +   582d ago
If they do then they are going to have a very, very long synopsis after everythign thats happened.

Hell look how much people missed after they released ONE spin off after the first KH, chain of memories...you started KH2 and thought "What the f*** is going on" only when you had played the spin off you understood and enjoyed the game a lot more.

We've had 4 spin offs since KH2 (One for DS, One for the 3DS, One for the PSP and One for mobile). They are going to have a LOT to explain.
DragonKnight  +   582d ago
@maniacmayhem: Why bother when you can just read up on the story. Right?
maniacmayhem  +   582d ago

Exactly, you and I are on the same page when it comes to people getting bent out of shape over something as ridiculous as the story. It's not Chuck Palahniuk we are dealing with here.
Treian  +   582d ago
because KH 2.5 HD remix will be out in 2014. It will include KH2FM, BBSFM, and Re:Coded cutscenes. Yeah don't know about DDD though.
TheEvilWithin  +   582d ago
You know were getting KH 1.5 remix and a KH 2.5 Remix as well right? I can see KH 2.5 coming out next fall and the following year KH 3. Normura had already stated this. So when he says "Play" KH 1.5 to prepare you for KH3 he's saying start from the beginning to understand the story if you have not played the games before.
wishingW3L  +   582d ago
KH 2.5

don't you guys have nay common sense?
trenso1  +   582d ago
I agree Sora should be keyblade master based on his past accomplishments. But I'm not sure if you played the game and if you haven't the mark of mastery quest was for them to awaken the sleeping worlds, Sora failed because xehanort interfered and Sora needed to be saved by Riku. So it was because Riku not only helped awaken the sleeping worlds he also went back into the sleeping realm to save Sora from becoming one of the 13 pieces of darness. which is why he became the keyblade master. If it was up to their past accomplishments Sora would have been master hands down though.
Mr_Nuts  +   582d ago
Still it dosn't cancel out anything else Sora has done

Rikku getting ONE thing over Sora shouldn't mean everything Sora did was forgotten about.

Rikku still needed to prove himself, if I was Sora I would of went off it.
Psychonaut  +   582d ago
THANK YOU! Ok, do I think "YOU" should re-write, and be the creative mind behind Kingdom Hearts 3. The fact they used Sora as a avatar urks' me (I mean Avatar, as in the viewpoint of the player to get into the work, a world all along that you fight you way through just to see you get passed over for Rikku.)

Unless something happens and Sora some how becomes a master, or Rikku gets killed and Sora has to fill in or, something like that. I just hope they don't use Sora as a un-sung hero.
Mr_Nuts  +   582d ago
Even then the damage is done, don't you think? I mean if Rikku did die and Sora had to fill in for him the fact is Sora didn't become one when he was supposed to

So lets put it into perspective


- Wasn't supposed to be Keyblade Wielder
- Saved both worlds...TWICE
- Traveled all over and released each world from the darkness
- Defeated a lot of evil enemies
- Risked everything
- Got stuck in the other world for years
- Turned into a heatless but managed to break free...no one has done that

I could go on


- Let himself be consumed by the darkness multiple times
- Nearly killed his best friend multiple times
- Nearly killed other people
- Helped towards destroying both worlds
- Was easily corrupted
- His heart was weak
- He was a loner and rejected help

and this guy was supposed to be the chosen one HA


- Sora fails ONE thing and Rikku saves the day...and thats it, everything Rikku did was forgoten about and everything Sora had risked was ignored, yet HE became a Keyblade Master.

Yeah that seems fair alright. If he had failed but was told he would become one after everything he had done before the test then fair enough...Rikku is the one who should of had to prove himself in KH3.

As I've said, I know it's not real but if it was and I was Sora I would of kicked off big time.
Psychonaut  +   582d ago
To (Mr_Nuts).

Feel free to go on, I have nothing to add you are hitting the nail on the head. I'm curious if KH writing went from just one person to a staff situation and that lead to the WTF plot turning points.

Seriously, its all I can come up with.
trenso1  +   582d ago
Why do you spell "Riku" like "Rikku" lol? And i agree that the one thing shouldn't matter but the thing is that it was the mark of mastery exam and Sora unfortunately failed while Riku passed. I wanted them both to be masters but seeing as one failed the exam one didnt only was truly named a master. I'm sure Sora will be given another chance.
Mr_Nuts  +   582d ago
I keep getting mixed up with the Rikku from FFX

She's called Rikku while he's called Riku....easy mistake.
BitbyDeath  +   582d ago
Hope these KH1.5 and 2.5 make their way to PS4.
Monkeyonfire13  +   582d ago
Oh shit yes please. Never mind you Skipped the ps3 Entirely! just be a great game, and dont forget that most of us didnt PLay the 6 In-betweens on 4 differnt platforms
RedHawkX  +   582d ago
Kh 1 is the best and most important kingdom hearts in the series and playing it in the definitive 1.5 Hd remix is a must. KH1 is where it all started and is the most emotional and epic kh game. i mean there was some naruto vs evil sauske type stuff in it son.
heavy731  +   581d ago
one guy had the audacity to say that Xbox one is going to be free multiplayer 120 frames per second get outer here man you have obviously no idea what you're talking about.
Iveyboi  +   581d ago
If you need a GREAT Kingdom Hearts summary read this:


It will change your life

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