GT5 Prologue vs GT5 Prologue

Geekpulp looks at the difference between buying GT5 Prologue online or at your local games store. The lack of offline play and singular price sway the decision heavily.

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sonarus3761d ago

please clarify. Is it that you can only play the game online with the psn id that purchased the game, or is it that you can only play the game online as in when signed in with your psn. I have a constant online connection but sometimes i move my ps3 around and no connection some times so this is an immediate turn off.

For me the main convenience of buying from the store is not having to get up to put the cd in the game. No re sale value definitely sucks but i'm ok with that. Also 1.7GB compared to the 5GB of data that must be installed before playing. I think the Hard drive favors me more over all. But if i can only play while signed in, no 2 ways about it, i'm going to preorder my disk copy tomorrow. And F sony for that garbage.

Neonvapor3761d ago

This is definately off topic from this post but I was wondering if you could help me out with something. I have more than one user name on my ps3 (one is my girlfriends) if I download a game say Stardust HD on MY account is there anyway she can play the full version on Her account? Or Can I redownload it for free on her account or do I have to pay for it to be on her account??? Thanks for the help

znu3761d ago (Edited 3761d ago )

its cool dude
aslong as the game is on the harddrive, any user account can play it on that system. I know for sure cause i did it for Tekken

your girlfriend can play but she will have a different save file than the one you'll have playing on your account

abuze3761d ago

This is how it works now '
On my PS3, I created my master account and created a second account called: Sub account.
The Sub account is my nephews Master Account on HIS PS3.
He created a Sub Account on his PS3 which is the same Master account I have with my PS3.
I bought lots of PSNetwork games and shared them with my nephew.
He bought a few more and shared them with my account.

As long as you have her account in your PS3 and she haves yours, she can download your games and play them in her account or vice verza.

I apologize if I have some bad spelling. English is my third Language...

Ghoul3761d ago (Edited 3761d ago )


GT5 WONT run on any other PSN id then the one purchased it.

btw offers gt5 for 25€

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LSDARBY3761d ago

Its cheaper which i was really suprised at because Sony know that most retailers dont stick to RRP and yet charge £25 for a download.

titntin3761d ago

The issue for me was a 15 minute wait for a 2.5 gig install, and then the game found an updated version which it insisted on downloading before it started! I bought a disc, but I had to wait an hour before I could drive! Its a good job it was worth the wait... :)

LSDARBY3761d ago

If you bought the PSN version you would have probably had to wait a few hours for it to download.

legendkilla3761d ago

im goin to download it! im running out of room with all my blu ray disks i have :)

ps3 is my champion3761d ago (Edited 3761d ago )

"-Offline play. The PS Store version doesn’t support offline play. Must be logged into PSN (with username that purchased game) I’m assuming this is purely to combat people game sharing, Piracy’s a crime kids."

---I'm calling straight up bs on that, you can't log off the internet and play the single player game? bs statement, prove me wrong.

--- also I like the psn version better because you can have it on your hd, and some other bd game disc already in so you dont have to switch out the games as much, more conveniant for someone like me %100, more games on the system at once

SparkyNZ3761d ago (Edited 3761d ago )

PSN version cannot be played offline. You must be connected to PSN to start game.

ps3 is my champion3761d ago (Edited 3761d ago )

but not a deal breaker for me, still getting psn version

rbanke3761d ago

Warhawk is the same way, You must be logged into the network in order for download version to start.

ps3 is my champion3761d ago

and am pretty sure I have played it while not logged in to the psn, local games

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