Xbox 180 is Awesome

BT writes:

We did it! The internet broke Microsoft! Oh happy day!

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pedrof931972d ago (Edited 1972d ago )

The more you watch this the more you love PS4 :D


I feel bad for Xbox team :S

thereapersson1972d ago

PlayStation 4000 sounds mightier and infinitely more 80's / 90's than Xbox One does...

Hicken1972d ago





I'm sure there are some others, but we don't really need to get into all that, do we?

Kanzes1972d ago

X1+Cloud+Tiled-resources > PS4+Gaikai

elhebbo161972d ago

so you are using fake names now? last time I checked it was Xbox one.

4 > 1.

KillrateOmega1972d ago (Edited 1972d ago )

Except 'Xbox 180' isn't the name of the console, it's still called 'Xbox One'.

Nice try though.

abzdine1972d ago

even if it was called 180, 4 still > than 180

MysticStrummer1972d ago

@Kanzes - PS4 can do the same things with the cloud One can, and the same goes for tiled resources, which are nothing new and go by several other names.

creatchee1972d ago


Sony can HAVE cloud computing, but it doesn't mean that it's going to be as good as Microsoft's cloud. Microsoft has years of experience maintaining their own cloud, they have way more actual servers available, they will be owned and operated by MS as opposed to being leased from a third party, and the servers and code will be specifically tailored for gaming applications.

Basically it's like sex. You can hook up with somebody who has limited experience, or you can get yourself a porn star who knows all of the tricks and how to do them as amazingly as possible (STD possibilities aside, naturally).

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kickerz1972d ago

The more I watch this the more I wanna jump off a cliff 0_o to be fair I only watched 2 mins, but that's 2 mins I'm never getting back

Aceman181972d ago

All I can do is SMDH at the amount of bickering the diehard for all 3 platform holders and PC people do for plastic boxes with wires in them.

I've owned all the Nintendo consoles except N64
I've owned both xboxes with the original Xbox being my favorite of the two. I won't be buying X1 though for quite a few years.
I've owned all the PS consoles.

From Atari to Genesis, neo geo to whatever I've never had issues owing a console, but I've never seen this level of whining between gamers like this and its sad, really really sad.

IMO gamers are consumers and they shouldn't be giving up their rights as a consumer just because they have some blind a$$ loyalty to companies that don't give two s***s about you.

I was really pleased to see majority stand up for their rights and told a big company to kick their collective a$$e$, and it was good to see said company back down.

pedrof931972d ago

Are you a collector or just an hermit ?

Aceman181972d ago


Haha nah I just love games and I've been gaming for over 30+ yrs. Trust me unlike some here gaming is not my life its a hobby I love and enjoy.

Just like most others I have work, bills, mortgage. I hang out when I can, all that stuff Lol.

kingPoS1972d ago

No N64???

I'll admit the trident controller was a bit odd, but it still had tons of great games.

Aceman181972d ago


Well when I got my first job the first system I bought with my own money was PS1, and my tastes had changed then.

My little brother had an N64, and I did borrow Mario 64 and Zelda OoT from a friend and loved them both.

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Gimmemorebubblez1972d ago (Edited 1972d ago )

MS did not do it for YOU they did it because Sony forced them to otherwise they would loose market-share.

unchartedxplorer1972d ago

Too late. They are going to lose market share due to the higher price anyway

Fireseed1972d ago

I have a trade insider secret... Sony didn't make the PS4 for you either. They did it for this weird thing called making money, strange I know. Same as Microsoft they changed policies cause they knew, get this... it would make them more money.

Gimmemorebubblez1972d ago (Edited 1972d ago )

Sony did make the Ps4 for me, if they didn't make it for me they probably wouldn't have made it for the majority of gamers. Truth is Sony did it for me and for their fans because Sony knows theirs more money to be made in the long run by treating their customers with the respect they deserve.
Sony wants to make money and lots of it just like any other 80 billion dollar a year corporation but they are in touch with the needs of their customers.

Hayabusa 1171972d ago

@ Gimmemorebubblez

You're both arguing the same point. Sony want to make money and they know the best way to get money from customers is to give customers what they want. Simple.

Reverent1972d ago

There's nothing wrong with profiting from happiness.

MasterCornholio1972d ago (Edited 1972d ago )


All these firms are producing these systems to make money but the way they do it is extremely important for consumers.

Robbing a bank is one way to make money but working at a bank is a lot more correct than robbing one.

Anyways I prefer Sonys methods over Microsoft because in my opinion they are the most consumer friendly ones.

Motorola RAZR i

kickerz1972d ago

Whenever someone types 4>1 I think .. So you've finished year 1 maths. Good for you son, good for you.

PositiveEmotions1972d ago

They made ps4 look like the holy console lol.

Which im glad and i cant wait to pre order my ps4

KwietStorm1972d ago

What are you waiting for?

elhebbo161972d ago

yea I still havent pre-ordered mines because of some money issues. every day I think about if the amazon PS4/BF4 launch bundle is sold out or not, its killing me.

PositiveEmotions1972d ago

Money lol im having money issues and the samething that elhebbo16 said but with knack

Ace_Pheonix1972d ago

@elhebbo16, it costs nothing to pre-order on Amazon. No monies are taken from you until it ships.

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