Are Video Games Meant to Have Happy Endings?

UM writes: Whenever a game with a “controversial” ending comes out, I almost always see tweets or posts from players lamenting a common thread saying: “they play video games to feel good, not to make them depressed.” I thought about this for a while, and I realized how players have been used to winning or a victorious end goal since the early days of video gaming.

Note: Spoilers for The Last of Us and Mass Effect 3 will be mentioned here. Proceed at your own caution.

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Thatguy-3102000d ago (Edited 2000d ago )

I actually prefer a game that has a sad ending. Seems more realistic and it stays with you a lot more since its not a cookie cutter happy ending. However the ending has to make sense for it to be any good whether its happy or tragic.

elhebbo161999d ago

sad endings doesn't always translate to being more realistic.

BosSSyndrome2000d ago

Last of Us's ending seemed like it was subject more to opinion. It's your opinion if it was the right thing or not. It makes you think and that's why I liked it.

showtimefolks1999d ago (Edited 1999d ago )

also i was watching ign's video with last of us developers and they said that the team was split on ending till the very end. But they said it made sense to create the ending they did because the ending represents the journey the main characters took

there is suppose to be single player DLC and i love buying single player dlc since i am more o s single player gamer

also LOU will be a series

to each his own but i loved the TLOU ending

and to answer the main question yes when playing games with great single player games we as humans do expect the happy ending, when i was playing red dead redemption i understood the ending but hated the fact the player wasn't given a choice to save himself

in the whole game you are killing people and surviving but than all of the sudden you can't do nothing but get shot, why couldn't he have left with his wife and kid

I understand why but i also want developers to atleast give us a choice

elhebbo161999d ago

I thought it was a very good ending. after thinking about how complicated it was (without spoiling anything) it kinda made me realize that in a world where everything has gone to shit typical good/bad actions and doing things for the "greater good" mean really little. You only do things that you think are right, even if its morally wrong because surviving is hard as it is. and tbh I completely sympathized with joel.

Magnus1999d ago

It depends on the game and how the story plays out. Most endings for games lead to a sequal if anything.

MaleManSam1999d ago

*Cough* Heavy Rain *Cough*

MasterChief36241999d ago

I have no idea, but I am wondering if some developers deliberately write in a controversial ending so they can garner the attention necessary for the most profit. Free advertising by social media? What developer -wouldn't- want to take advantage of that?

What I'm saying is that if Person A beats a game and starts yapping about how they hated it or loved it or something, their friend might think, "Huh... I really want to play that to see if I feel the same way!"

And then of course the backlash on social media... causes websites like IGN and Kotaku to talk about it for a while, and perhaps more people will be interested because of that exposure!

Just a thought, though :)

admiralvic1999d ago

A lot of games have awful stories, endings and situations that never get any sort of attention. One of my favorites was NeverDead, since that story was so basic you could see the ending after 20 minutes. Thats not to say people wouldn't try it, but historically these things only become big if the thing is that shocking or the developer is that big.

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The story is too old to be commented.