PSW Confirms Exclusive GTA IV Downloadable Content for the PS3 and Home Inclusion

According to Playstation World Magazine, Rockstar will in a way aid Sony in launching Accomplishments for the system, Themed spaces for Home and provide exclusive content for the PS3 (although not as large scale as the 360's exclusive content) after the release of the 360's episodes.


Theres a more insightful explanation available in the below link:

exciting stuff!

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Harry1903617d ago

if this is not good news for gamers.
so this will complement rockstar social club.

sonarus3617d ago

home inclusion would be nice assuming home was actually available when i plan to be playing the game

barom3617d ago

it is good news.

But I think this is the same folks that said MGS4 demo was gonna be out on PSN in February. So I'm not jumping yet.

choldstare3617d ago

Let the home avatars be usable in customizable multiplayer characters. Then every one will be running around as their avatars. People would love that. Simple and neat.

decapitator3617d ago (Edited 3617d ago )

Whiles this is good news if true, I'd advise you guys not to get your hopes up. These are the same dudes that *confirmed* mgs4 demo for PSN and it turned out to be bullshit. For their creditability, I hope they are right.


mikeslemonade3617d ago

I will not buy any episodic content. The only things i may consider are would be things that are relevant to online play because that has the most replay value. As for single player I already payed $60 so i'm not going get milked like some of you people. I rather move to the next great game than this rubbish.

toughNAME3617d ago

hey mike, you bought prologue, didn't you?

gaffyh3617d ago

This is all rumours, that's all I can tell form that magazine. It says "it's likely that PS3 will get it's own downloadable content", and the Home inclusion is a rumour aswell (but likely).

I am pretty sure that PS3 version will get the same DLC as the 360 version but not from launch. It will most likely get it 6 months later.

This story will probably be the hottest story on N4G in an hour.

Sir Ken Kutaragi 23617d ago

...HOME(get it!)Rockstar!!!;-P
'Exclusive GTA IV Downloadable Content for the PS3 and Home Inclusion'
+Why aren't the xBox fans(the ones making snide remarks)on this bit getting banned to the 'Open Zone' for??? Hmm N4G??? :-/

Thoas3617d ago

Prologue is more of a demo. Extra content that Xbox 360 gets is overkill to a game that will have at least a 100 hours of single player gameplay with online deathmatch multiplayer on top of that. Plus M$ will have you selling blood and semen for that extra content.

rosebowl233617d ago

It's not a rumor or speculation when the Vice President of GTA4 says it, genius.

sonarus3617d ago (Edited 3617d ago )

lol @ vice president of GTA4 lol
@toughName. If rockstar was offering an early peek at GTA4 with 1/4 the content for 40 bucks, i can guarantee you ppl would pay for it to get an early taste of the game. DLC comes after and it is unnecessary but it will cater to the most hardcore of GTA4 fans. If you are a hardcore GTA4 fan you would want DLC because GTA4 is a game you plan to be playing for a REALLY long time.

toughNAME3617d ago

We don't even know what it is...and all of you are already throwing it down?

What if it was on your console? Come on guys.

Omegasyde3617d ago


How is this bad for gamers? We still get a great game with an added bonus.

Harry1903617d ago

i said:if this is not good news for gamers.
which meant that this is actually good news.

mikeslemonade3617d ago

The "extra" content should already be in the game because if they're already talking about DLC before the game releases then they are probably holding it back. You are part of the problem if you buy any DLC.

I did not buy Gran Turismo Prologue and that is different because Gran Turismo Prolouge caters to the people who want to play GT5 right now which totally different than releasing a game and then putting out the DLC a month after.

wageslave3617d ago

Did you buy one or more of the following three:

B) GTAIII: Vice City
C) GTAIII: San Andreas

If you did, you bought an Expansion.

Further, just so you know, GTA _fans_ would have bought them all. I personally did. Many people I know have more than one.

Xbox 360 are getting the exclusive Expansions. Perhaps you just dont like GTA. That's fine, no one says you must.

You're not appreciating the reality of the market for GTA.

The sales of VC & SA were each _LARGER_ than GTAIII.

So, yeah, the Exclusive Expansions are kinda-a-big deal. And just for the record, this story is a total fabrication of bullshit and misrepresents the article completely.

The xbox 360 will also get "exclusive" content like these PS3 themes and pictures.

Unlike what is suggested in the Summary, this has nothing to do with in-game content like the Exclusive Expansions only on Xbox 360.

mikeslemonade3616d ago (Edited 3616d ago )

1. 360 DLC content will not sell as well as MS will hope

2. Buying DLC is wrong and you should do it unless it's done right

No I have never bought a GTA game before. GTA4 will be my first. DLC is not a big deal when GTA4 "expansion(vice city)" is coming out in a year anyway. You are wrong if you think the DLC will sell well.

I will argue that GT5P is what DLC should be because it caters to the people who cannot wait for the full GT5 game. For people who can wait like me I will buy the full game but not GT5P. Whereas Take 2 is already talking about DLC before the game is released which indicates that they can put the content into the disc. Oh yea I almost forgot the 360 can't all that data because of the DVD9 space constraint.

You are part of the problem if you buy the DLC! If people would stop buying them maybe they would include it in the original game.

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TheExecutive3617d ago (Edited 3617d ago )

HOME inclusion: I think this was a given but it should really open up HOME for people not fortunate enough to be in the beta. I could see launching rooms for each type of MP. I could also see some pretty sweet story arcs explained in depth. Maybe more background story and other neat tidbits.

The DLC is nice and cool and all but i wonder what it will be. If it adds something to the existing game it will be of more value to me than adding additional missions. I still say with this large of a game additional story is unneeded.


Home integration isnt confirmed. this is just a rumor, but one that i am sure is going to be true.

mesh13617d ago

HAHAHAHAHA a ps3 mag is trying to twist the interview from EGM which has the same quote from the rockstar exc and also states the dlc will be comuing for the 360 ,and also he is ryin gto twist the story by saying getting home inclusion which is not possible cause home does not exist and gta has gone gold and is getting released soon this is all the usual sony tricks that make me laugh i cant even belive now even mags are showing their fanboyish sides

3617d ago
Breakfast3617d ago

If its extra missions or something of that sort, ill be pissed. They shouldnt charge us for something that should be in the game. Espicially if they had 6 months to put it in

TheExecutive3617d ago

quit commenting underneath me when you arent even commenting on my post. I am reporting as spam.

SUP3R3617d ago (Edited 3617d ago )

I got banned from posting in the OpenZone LOL!!!
Probably a xbot mod cause I said SONY has already distributed the HOME dev-kit.
I got banned for telling the truth? LOL!!!

Anyway, face it bots you guys should have known a long time ago that your episodic content was for a limited time only.
GTA=Playstation, Playstation=GTA
It's obvious.

wageslave3617d ago


What are you talking about? Did you buy GTAIII: Vice City or GTAIII: San Andreas?

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Sevir043617d ago

i'd like to see what Rock star Has in the Pot cooking for Home and GTA4

legendkilla3617d ago

that would be coolwith a GTA4 room inside of home!

Omegasyde3617d ago

That would be the sh** if you could hang guns from GTA4 on your wall in your home.
or atleast poster of all the games villians that you killed.

therealwillie3617d ago

i knew there had to be something :) i'm happy now!!

Delt43617d ago

It would have been stupid not to release some DLC for PS3! I don't think that just putting some on the 360 would have sold more 360's or 360 copys of GTA4. It would have just Pis*** off alot of PS3 owners.