Modern Warfare is a Comforting Lie

The Escapist: "Modern Warfare is the most disingenuous title in gaming. Coming from a franchise based on historical events and constantly striving to create a world of photorealistic detail, it implicitly argues that the franchise is a reflection of current conflicts. It's not. Neither is Battlefield. Neither was Medal of Honor, though that franchise has packed its luggage and called a cab. All these games about modern conflict present a fantasy version of the War on Terror that's easier to swallow than the reality - and there's a danger these depictions may shape how we perceive the real wars going on right now."

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DoubleJumpAUS1998d ago

Without a doubt, this is one of the most politically beneficial articles that may be written about the games industry. I've seen it's like before, but this one carries the theme of complaining "more in sadness, than in anger," through while also just making some spectacular points. I never really wondered before why IEDs aren't generally in these games.