Nice Try Microsoft, Still Not Buying An Xbox One At Launch

Have you ever been with a friend who ended up getting really drunk one night, and on that same night told you a few things that should not have been mentioned? If you have, then it's no surprise that the next morning they gave an awkward speech asking for forgiveness. In this example, Microsoft is that drunk friend. After telling us to "go buy an Xbox 360" and then telling us the DRM cannot be fixed with a simple update, they come out of their hangover and expect forgiveness. It's a nice gesture Microsoft, but there are quite a few kinks that need to be worked out in the Xbox division before others invest in the console.

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KillrateOmega1966d ago (Edited 1966d ago )

Then why did you reply to him? :P

Kanzes1966d ago

I'm just saying what everyone feels

mafiahajeri1966d ago

So if you feel something towards his comment, you care... at least a little

Kanzes1966d ago (Edited 1966d ago )

So, if I said that I won't buy PS4, Wii U, or any devices, do you guys even care? I'm sure you guys just think that as a random comment, since it's not coming from a famous person... just a random user.

It's obvious, you guys reply my comment just to defend your console.

brish1966d ago

"I'm just saying what everyone feels"
- Kanzes

I don't feel that way.

I'm not getting an xbox one either. The idea that they are forcing a kinect that can record video, and sound that can't be turned off is ridiculous. Microsoft has already shown they can't be trusted and now I'm supposed to trust them with video recording equipment in my home?! I don't think so!

IcicleTrepan1966d ago (Edited 1966d ago )

Exactly. I'm totally sick of these 'why I'm buying a PS4, why I'm buying an Xbox One, why I'm not buying an Xbox one'. I don't give a crap what some person's personal reasons are for or against buying something. It's rather idiotic unless you're someone that actually cannot form their own opinion based on factual data and needs to be told what to do.

It's one thing to post on a comment saying it, it's quite another to go to the trouble to write a whole article and expect that thousands of people are going to read it and gain something valuable from it.

EVILDEAD3601966d ago (Edited 1966d ago )

I am. Day one.

Now that MS came to their f-ing senses, Xbox One is going to sell like hot cakes this holiday.

Some will Some won't buy the new Xbox. Same as this gen. Both will be successful. The fact that the ONE can still jump to #1 on Amazon like it has recently ($100 more expensive and all) proves that MS and Sony will have a healthy launches.


The_Con-Sept1966d ago

Xbox one-80 doesn't interest me even the slightest.

LoydX-mas1966d ago (Edited 1966d ago )


You should try doing some research before stating something as fact: http://www.escapistmagazine...

-YES the Kinect can be turned off. You control how reactive the Kinect sensor is.

3-4-51966d ago

How can You possibly know how others feel ?

Because if you did you would have known that we feel you shouldn't post anymore.

Mounce1965d ago

@Kanzes - Saying what everyone feels, even though you have more disagrees.

Talk about a failed Royal-We attempt when more people are against you than with you...

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Aceman181966d ago

For me if I do decide to buy one it will be after 2-4 years, and 3-4 price drops. I'm not in that big a hurry to buy something I don't care about(camera), and I need to see more of a variety of games come out of their small 1st party group.

So far the only game that truly interests me is Quantum Break as I love remedy, but one game is not enough for me to spend $500 on.

CrimsonStar1966d ago

Lol good lord how many more of these articles will there be ??? Can we get something new besides the same copy and paste " Xbox sucks and I'm not buying it " article , it makes this site seem so bias .

Twilightx71966d ago

That bandwagon is getting pretty full, be careful not to fall off.

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Virus2011966d ago (Edited 1966d ago )

I am, and I just bought 2 years of Xbox Live for $70 dollars.

PositiveEmotions1966d ago

$59.99 wow the psn+ its $49.99 ten dollars difference.

Virus2011966d ago

There's a sale on 12 months of Xbox Live for $35. That's why I payed $70 (2 years).

Kanzes1966d ago

^seriously?? it's for 2 years for god sake!

PositiveEmotions1966d ago

Aaa well thats cool than if its for two years.

BallsEye1966d ago (Edited 1966d ago )

You do realise that xbox one comes with 12 months xbox live gold? It's included in the you'll have 3 years.

GenericNameHere1966d ago

I'm sorry, but where exactly does it say the Xbone will give you a free 1-year Gold membership? I've looked everywhere, interviews, previews, rewatched the MSE32013, even checked on Amazon and GameStop, and I've not seen a single information regarding a free Gold Membership. Maybe I haven't looked hard enough. Care to send a link that backs up your claim?

sentury1111966d ago

I heard that too from someone and checked for info on it. No such information available.
BTW I placed my preorder through the Xbox dashboard, said nothing about it there either.

sentury1111966d ago

Thanks for the tip. I just ordered another year even though mine doesn't run out till end of January. $35 is about as low as it goes. I have seen it for $25 but those are limited quantities and never seem to be able to grab them.

Rhomiel1966d ago

I bought a year of PS+ when it gave 3 months free a 10$ back for 50$ so it was 40$ for 15 months witch means 32$ for a year!

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Foxgod1966d ago

Each to his/her own, but my Xb1 is already payed for with three games, and i am considering to get Ryse as well.

itBourne1966d ago

Just a tip, but maybe you should wait before throwing your money at a game you know nothing about yet.

GCO Gamer1966d ago

They are launch games, no one should be expecting Game of the Year.

Foxgod1966d ago (Edited 1966d ago )

Ryse is the only game i dont know a whole lot about yet, which is why i am considering it.

itBourne1966d ago

@GCO Gamer
Resistance Fall of Man was a launch game... still to this day one of the best multiplayer games of the generation. But thats probably just a me thing, since I actually prefer shooters that are competitive. Sales would indicate im in the minority tho, since CoD sales like hot cakes year after year.

itBourne1966d ago (Edited 1966d ago )

Also, this generation is completely different, we are not transitioning into 3d, nor into hd, its almost a continuation of this gen so far, so games should not be forgiven for being a launch title.

Lastly of course none of them will be game of the year, that title belongs to the Last of Us ^^

CrimsonStar1966d ago

LOl that comment disgusts me . Are you really going to question his ability and right to purchase something with his own money .

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Vega751966d ago

Me and my bro already paid for the xbox one from Amazon. I'm getting ryse, bf4, KI, DR3, CoD and Forza 5. My bro is gettinv the same except DR3

nukeitall1966d ago

If Xbox One still had game sharing, you could have both just shared it instead of stuck with discs.

I'm getting CoD and probably Ryse. Of course I can't wait for Quantum Break, and Titanfall.

Also interrested in Watchdogs, Destiny and a few others.

CrimsonStar1966d ago

Yea man ryse looks pretty sweet , it one of the games that's tempting me to pre order the Xbox over the PS4 .

franko1966d ago

I'm not getting it at all.

richie007bond1966d ago

Another crappy Wordpress blog looking for hits yawn

stylishjerk1966d ago

Well that's not very nice Richie. I assure you every article I write is something that I care about and I'm not just looking for hits. Instead of saying something is crappy, why not take the time to critique the article with your own sources and anecdotes. Here are a few reasons why I'm disappointed in the division.

Customer Service/ Pr: I know some people say this is not a big deal but it is. If I'm buying a product from a company I prefer not to be talked down too. If I was Disneyland and I had a problem and the employees told me to deal with it I would not go back.
Games: Sorry I don't think Microsoft cares. I want to be proven wrong, but I probably won't. Just like Xbox 360 they will build an install base, and focus on the Gears, Halo, Forza trifecta with a dash of Fable.
Cloud: Is bullcrap to many articles discussing how its just a PR gambit.
Kinect: Yes it can still spy on you and take your information. If you are not worried about this then fine, but after the IRS targeted certain groups based on political allegiance I am concerned.

-If you have any critiques against this I would love to hear them. I enjoy conversation.

-The Stylish Jerk