‘Smash Bros.’ Fan Music Video Shows Dedication

Smash Bros. has inspired a fan video called “Smash,” which shows quite the dedication.

When was the last time you went through the trouble to dress up as your favorite video game characters and write an original song just to celebrate the existence of a game not even out yet? YouTube channel Screen Team has done just that in honor of the upcoming Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS. This impressive production breaks out just enough special effects to pull off one of the best made video game based music videos ever seen.

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cleft51972d ago

Definitely a fun watch.

Timesplitter141972d ago

yeah but the question is : would it have been a video worth watching if it weren't for the big boobies?

cleft51971d ago

Statements like that is why we have a bunch of people talking about sexism right now. If you enjoyed the boobs thats great and all, but the video itself was fun. Honestly, grow up. I assure you, you can find a lot more revealing boobs to stare at from any quick google search.

Timesplitter141971d ago

It seems you might have a rather shallow understanding of sexism. The only sexist thing here is the fact that they're using a girl with big boobs to get more views on all of their videos. Look at their thumbnails and it becomes pretty clear they're doing this on purpose. They're using the girl as an ad panel.

But sexual attraction itself isn't sexism, and I was pointing out the fact that without it, the video wouldn't have been as fun to watch

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Donnieboi1972d ago

Today (Thursday) sure is a slow news day.

PerryCaravello1972d ago (Edited 1972d ago )


Oooh it's that one chick. I remember thinking, when I first saw one of her videos "her boyfriend/husband may be a nice guy, but out of her league by a little bit."

She could get a slight better guy lol. Especially with those tits.

Thank You.

ASBO-51972d ago

Damn how I'd love to lay some pipe to Princess Peach!!

AcesHigh2911972d ago

The Screen Team, most of their work is pretty awesome.

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