How Will Assassin’s Creed Continue To Evolve?

IGN: "Ubisoft discusses the console transition and how it will handle future sequels."

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theWB271995d ago

I love the AC series...probably my favorite. They killed 3 with half of the game being a tutorial. Shouldn't take more than half an hour to refresh us on mechanics. Or have a separate mode to learn, if you have to. The ending to Desmond was a lot disappointing. Can't wait for gen.

CrossingEden1995d ago

um, what do you call assassin's creed 2, because the literal entire purpose of the game was learning to be an assassin and essentially being a tutorial

theWB271995d ago

There's a difference between a game being centered around the character becoming an assassin and half the game teaching us the mechanics of the game.

AC2 was the story

AC3 was mechanics, as if we've never played the game at all

Godlovesgamers1995d ago

"How Will Assassin’s Creed Continue To Evolve?"

Who cares, really? The first game's story was great, the second games story starts to get too convoluted and it really just get worse from thereon out.

Assassin's Creed is the "Lost" of video games and they milked what once was a great story into spoiled milk. It's over. Time to get back to Prince Of Persia.

matrixman921995d ago

I actually didnt really enjoy the story of AC1. AC1 was my least favorite game from the series, even below AC3 and AC3L(not counting the other spin off handheld and mobile games, never played them and dont want to). Also, Lost is one of my favorite shows of all time from start to finish lol.

Godlovesgamers1995d ago

Congratulations, you're the target market.

Master-H1995d ago

It's going to continue to evolve the milky way :B

matrixman921995d ago

go back in time and play as Ancient Aliens....its happening