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GameCloud: "Ultimately, The Last of Us is a game that succeeds remarkably well in its overall vision. Is this enough to ensure that no one will be disappointed with the game? Absolutely not. Naughty Dog have never been that development studio that sets out to re-invent the way we play games, and will instead focus on delivering a high quality experience that is simply fun to play. And isn’t that what gaming is truly about? There is definitely a time and place for innovation, and I agree that time is well overdue, but what I see with The Last of Us is a shining example of all the great ideas that defined this generation, and I’m okay with that as well. If you’re more of a veteran player then you may find some aspects of the game design predictable, but the simple fact is that no game can ever live up to the hype. Expectations are defined by an individual’s perception, and all that can be promised here is quality."

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