Shuhei Yoshida: The PS4′s 8GB of RAM is “Way More Than Game Developers Need Initially”

Looking at the PlayStation 4, Shuhei said this improvement “will be the same” and they “already have plans on the roadmap for additional features and improvements on the services side which will constantly evolve with time.” What’s going to make this easier is the 8GB of RAM on the PS4, “which is way more than game developers need initially.” - PSLS

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sigfredod1967d ago

The more the merry, as it´s say

dedicatedtogamers1967d ago

They're future-proofing in a very practical way. The fact that it's unified memory is going to play a huge role in what the system can do. I expect to see some insane graphical leaps in 2-3 years, much like how we saw a leap from Uncharted (2007) to Unccharted 2 (2009)

testerg351967d ago

Can we atleast stop using the term future proof. If that was the case all we would have needed was the PS3 since peeps kept saying it was future proof.

Pillsbury11967d ago

It is future proof and We do need the ps3, look at the last of us and beyond. Ps3 still has so much life left.

piroh1967d ago

i think TLOU is the best looking game this generation, all thanks to PS3

Apocalypse Shadow1967d ago

future proofing means making a console capable of lasting longer than just 5 years.and sony has done so.

bluray was big enough for all the dlc milking.but microsoft's dvd set third parties back.and gamers got swindled with unfinished games and content stripping.

hdmi allowed hd gaming,hd video,3D gaming, had to add it later and left early adopters out in the cold.

wiifi and bluetooth allowed wireless didn't need $100 wifi was built in for future connections.

HDD swaps was for when the content got also allowed developers to make any sized game on didn't and limited xbl game sizes early on.

the cell was capable,but third parties went with microsoft's lead in america and dumbed down our games to save money.but when every sony AAA first party game trumps its competitors first party games in graphics,i think cell was definitely future proof..

and that's not even half of it.

testerg351967d ago

Apocalypse, then pretty from your definition a lot of the consoles are future proof. 360 is on its 8th yr.

Pillsbury, I said all we would need is the PS3. I didn't say we didn't need it.

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Holeran1967d ago

They wont use 8 gig of ram for years to come. And if they do use it then you can bet that it will be very unoptimized code.

DJMarty1967d ago

Dev's will use it quicker on consoles as they are closed systems(where every consoles has exactly the same specs/ram)

This could benefit PC as well.

Virtual_Reality1967d ago (Edited 1967d ago )

Planetside 2 recommends 8GB of RAM for PC.

They announced Planetside 2 for the PS4, and they stated it will have all the graphics maxed out on PS4 with even a better optimization in the CPU compared to the PC.

ufo8mycat1967d ago (Edited 1967d ago )

On PC it requires 8GB RAM, but you have to remember consoles always have better optimization, much better, and also less taken by the OS etc, therefore it needs less stronger requirements.

As far as PS4 running Planetside 2 maxed, doubt it. Very efficient optimization can only do so much, it still won't be able to bridge the gap between the PS4s specs and the hardware requirements needed when efficiently optimized, to run the game on max.

BitbyDeath1967d ago

Which is a huge plus, unoptimized games will be produced much quicker and still leave plenty of room for future growth. Win/Win

Wedge191967d ago

Future-proofing ensures sales for a long period of time, and the system will just continue to improve. We need that room to grow.

dbjj120881967d ago

I love the forward-facing attitude Sony has right now.

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