E3 2013: Hands-On: Hyperkin's RetroN 5 Console - Popzara

Peter looks at Hyperkin's multi-platform game console for retro enthusiasts, the RetroN 5.

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ChozenWoan1999d ago (Edited 1999d ago )

$100 set aside for an all in one retro game console... done!
Dusting off my old cart collection... in progress.
Enjoying gaming history... priceless!

This year will see a new gen launch, and the return of generations past. I am feeling the console love.

Wagz221998d ago

Lol it looks like a larger version of those little black robots that drive around the death star but with more ports.

Dagobert1998d ago

I heard these all in one retro game systems don't work that well with some games.