Microsoft Files Patent For Switching From New To Old Visuals On The Fly In Remakes

It seems that a while ago, Microsoft filed a patent for a video game "having a plurality of game engines" running at the same time. This patent was filed in December 2011, just after the release of the Halo:Combat Evolved Anniversary game which allowed players to switch from new to old visuals or vice versa on the fly.

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Infernostew1970d ago

I hope this is already patented since it was done in both of the Monkey Island remake.

ScubbaSteve1970d ago

Why hasn't anyone patented going from 3rd person view to first person view on the fly yet?

STK0261970d ago

My guess would be that it has been done numerous times in the past. Or maybe they can't patent it for some reason.

karl1970d ago

well.. im sure racing games count and its always there

i dont think itd be nice for someone to patent that

Angeljuice1970d ago

Yes, in Monkey Island II remake you could switch between the two builds instantly. It was a really cool feature, I used it a lot.

I suppose Microsoft agree with me, thats why they're trying to patent it. HEY MS I DON'T THINK ANYBODY HAS A PATENT ON 'THE WHEEL' YET, typical Microsoft *innovation*.

theWB271970d ago

Like the sound of that. Since I never played the earlier games in the MGS series..I always loved the Shadow Moses stage in MGS4 where you infiltrate with the PS1 graphics and enemies. Made me appreciate what Kojima was able to do with that hardware all the more.

Nevers1970d ago

I like this idea as well.

aviator1891970d ago

This was a pretty cool feature in halo anniversary. I hope the rumored halo 2 remake or anniversary or whatever they call it has a similar feature.

Deep-throat1970d ago

Hmmm...already done in few games one of them was Halo remake

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The story is too old to be commented.