Nordic Games' IP Power Play Threatens To Shake-Up Industry

CCC says: "To the relief of tired gamers and a woefully sequel-saturated market, E3 2013 yielded a motley crew of new and daring IPs. Sure, several series will be seeing further sequels (which isn’t a bad thing), but with titles like Watch_Dogs, The Division, Destiny, Sunset Overdrive, a heaping pile of indie games, and dozens more, PS4 and Xbox One owners will never run out of fresh experiences. To some degree, this is to be expected—what’s E3 without some new titles, right? There is, however, an equally surprising movement going on outside of the triple-A scene thanks to a little Swedish studio stirring things up."

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matrixman921967d ago

wow, I didnt know they got Destroy All Humans...i freaking loved those games(the first two at least). I hope they bring that back next gen, that could be awesome with destructibility and what not.

TedCruzsTaint1967d ago

Issue being, Nordic is not known as a publisher pumping out many quality titles. Truth is, almost everything they've released thus far has ranged from shovelware to, well, average at best.
Their track record doesn't leave me too excited for what may come of these recently bought IP. Many of which I am rather fond of.
Hoping for the best though.