Final Fantasy XI Meets Attack on Titan and Yokohama Making a Crazy Hybrid: Attack on Galka

Final Fantasy XI is one of the most popular MMORPGs in Japan, and Attack on Titan is currently one of the most popular anime series and manga. Yokohama…well…it’s Yokohama. What happens when those three elements meet within the mind of extremely creative Japanese fans? A crazy, crazy hybrid.

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trenso11578d ago

that was an awesome video

Nevers1578d ago

ROFL, love it. I'm unfamiliar with the Attack on Titan bit ... but loved the FFxi homage.

Lovable1578d ago

Attack on titan is just about the best anime this year

trenso11578d ago

^yea it is Ive started reading the manga since the ive caught up in the anime and its great so far.

Transporter471578d ago

This is pretty awesome that they did that looks a bit weird but cool at the same time.