Top Ten Baseball Games of All Time

These selections represent more of a snapshot, a peek at what baseball gaming was like at each specific point in time. It doesn't necessarily mean that the number one game is better, even today, than the number six game. You need to take yourself back to when these games were released and consider their impact and they're importance on the day they hit the scene.

Finally, these lists are always going to contain some personal bias-which is part of the fun. There have been a lot of baseball games released in the past 30 years and some classics just missed our cut. Games like Baseball Stars, The World's Greatest Baseball Game, Ken Griffey Jr. Baseball, World Series Baseball, Tony LaRussa/Old Time Baseball, right down the line. Great games all, but they just missed the Top Ten.

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longduckdong3676d ago

Of course. The Show 08 is the best sports game ever. I will never need to buy another sports game because there's so much to do it would take me forever and I play other games too


than this guy is a fuking idiot , go pick up the show and played it before you make any judgement you fuking moron many stupid people in this world

tweaker3676d ago

The Show being at number 3 this early, on a "top ten" list is a good thing.

quen_gta23676d ago

What about Bases Loaded for the NES?

WyoSnake243676d ago

The Show is the greatest baseball series I've played, although the Triple Play series from EA wasn't too bad either.

madness10103676d ago

the show is by far my favorite baseball/sports game of all time but that is probably only because of the road to the show mode not to say i dent like the rest of the game but that is what really sets it apart for me

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