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The Leisure Suit Larry franchise has been dead for almost a decade now. The last two games weren’t really Leisure Suit Larry games at all, but monstrosities that paraded around in their skin, forcing the corpse of poor Larry to dance around and hoping grotesquely formed elephant women with weird shaped breasts would be enough to lure long time fans of the series into wasting their money. Luckily, the people over at Replay Games somehow managed to save Larry from whatever level of video game hell he was stuck in and launched a successful Kickstarter campaign to get the funds to remake the original game in the series."

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BeganwithNes1969d ago

Loved these games in my youth. Might have to revisit it.

Neonridr1969d ago

Definitely have so many memories playing through the first one. Love that they have gone back and remade this one. I wonder if this may lead to future Leisure Suit Larry games being remade..

MasterofMagnetism1969d ago

Box Office Bust was one of the worst games ever created. Hopefully this one will be better.