Dualshock 3 Review (shows differences)

Professional Dual Shock 3 Review

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MADGameR3760d ago

I saw this review 3 days ago..

CrazyMystical3759d ago

i didn't missed rumble i could of live without it but its impolite to turn a gift down so thank you sony

Utalkin2me3759d ago

I am not paying extra for something that should have came with the system. Sony just likes gouging people. 30 to 50 bucks for a mic that it doesnt come with. 20 bucks for a cable it doesnt come with and now 50 buck for a controller it doesnt come with. And not to mention 40 bucks for a half a game that people will repay for again when the actual game comes out. So basically 100 dollars for the actual game if you buy the first release. I guess they have to pay PSN some way,i think i would rather spend 3 dollars a month for online service and pay 60 bucks for a game. Than to pay for the same thing twice and get online service for free.

BiggDaddy3113759d ago

Ummmm... you don't have to buy any of that stuff to enjoy the system do you? You can make a case for the headset, but Sony doesn't have the market cornered on bluetooth headsets. Most civilized people have a bluetooth headset sitting in their "cell phone grave yard" that is the one I use. I know some people who use the old Socom headset from Playstation 2. U don't want Prologe than wait till the full version comes out. If you don't want to buy a Rumble controller than don't. Game companies are in the business to make a profit, it is silly to say otherwise. Both MS and Sony sold us the system at a loss, so in order to remain in business they have to SELL us MORE CRAP! there is your lesson in common sence, YOU are welcome!

mattnz3759d ago (Edited 3759d ago )

The DS3 is coming packaged with future PS3's. You got the controller you paid for, if you want the new one you buy it, it isn't rocket science.

Time_Is_On_My_Side3759d ago

My guess the only reason it didn't come with the system because of the law sue they had. They lost just before the PlayStation 3 was released so they had to settle that first. If you're talking about Gran Turismo 5 Prologue Sony is only publishing that game. Like Halo 3 it wasn't made my Microsoft it was made by Bungie. Plus you don't have to buy it if you don't want to. I see it more of a beta version than a big demo.

With PSN they have micros-transactions and XBOX Live subscriptions / micro-transactions to earn their money. Which one do you think will cost you more in the end?

AuToFiRE3759d ago

you know you can use any bluetooth headset right? you dont need to buy one, plus the charging cable comes with the ps3, also the charging cable is just a standard cable, i have about 3 dozen here in my house alone. plus its a prologue its the same game with less content, its to hold you off until the actual game comes out and that only happens with GT series. also the games are the same price for both consoles

Dobbie3759d ago (Edited 3759d ago )

Sony wouldve released the DS3 controller at launch if they didnt have those lawsuit problems with the company that makes them.

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Mr Marbles3760d ago

Look everyone the PS3 is just now getting rumble, oh how advanced PS3 truely is, I guess the next gen can start now. /end sarcasm


wAtdaFck3760d ago (Edited 3760d ago )

Rumble is nothing but a device that adds an extra level of immersion into video gaming. Nothing nesessary, nothing I missed in particular. Its nothing 'advanced' in the way you put it, as some of us would have liked rumble to be put away for good.

The ignorant notion your blathering about that 'nex gen starts now' is rather one started by Sony, and being the corporation they are, they're doing what you'd expect what a corporation would do. Nothing different than what another corporation did when they downplayed HDMI, emphasized the 'uselessnes' of 1080p, and expressed the worthlessness of the functionality of utilizing an HD format.

In fact, nothing is more ironic when that same corporation smacked themselves in the noggin, and began to introduce what was already applied onto the PS3, onto their own precious console.

So really, your post screams hypocrit.

uehc3760d ago

I never really missed it when in a game, but it's great that it's back.

heyheyhey3759d ago


so now we have extra immersion due to Sixaxis AND rumble

well more advanced than the 360 anyway

i just threw a grenade at a group of enemies in Uncharted by tilting the 6axis forward- it felt really immersive and cool and my controller rumbled because i had the DS3

and that's the kinda stuff that makes me prefer the PS3 over the 360

butterfinger3759d ago

Look everyone Mr. Marbles is trolling PS3 news again! Aren't you surprised?! /end sarcasm.


bluhefner3759d ago (Edited 3759d ago )

You know whats really next gen 7.5 GB of disc space i mean forget the 9GB PS2 and Xbox used last gen its all about going less now. Oh how advanced the 360 truly is. Its all about that sweet next gen Compression. / End Sarcasm


Spinner3759d ago

Cool. When will the 360 be entering nex-gen, Marbles?

Did you buy an ENTIRELY NEW CONSOLE to get HDMI yet? Did you buy an HDD yet? I guess they finally entered nex-gen when all their consoles finally had wireless controllers, right? I guess WiFi isn't nex-gen, but DVD9 is.


Sir Ken Kutaragi 23759d ago

And they say i've lost my Marbles!!! ;-D
It's the Perfect controller for the Perfect Console PS3! ;-P

sloth4urluv3759d ago

Im sorry, but whats the point of this review, why not just review a PS2 controler?

kydrice3759d ago

I never realized rumble was so next-gen and advanced that it was a necessity to play video games.

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uehc3760d ago

But I'm going to buy it anyways. For one, I'll finally have a second controller in case of multiplayer (offline), and two, I'll have a brand spanking new controller that's weightier, rumblier, and untransparentier, all just in time for the big games that matters - GTA IV and MGS 4.

Marceles3760d ago

I feel like he's about to start explaining car specs or commentate horse racing.."the sticks feel better...and now way they go!"

And he's wrong about the Motorstorm, GT5 Prologue, or Uncharted with it and it doesn't just rumble...separate sides of the controller shake or one part shakes more than the other depending on the situation

rbanke3760d ago

the ps2 controllers had the same setup, one side had a single weight, the other side had 2 weights, this gave them the ability to have weak, medium, and strong vibrations.

Marceles3759d ago

yeah, the only difference is the DS3 can have one side weak and another strong instead of the DS2 where both sides have the same settings at the same time always