Next iPhone Features - 3G iPhone with Dual Cameras and Video Chatting via iChat

While watching CNBC's tremendously popular show MAD MONEY with Jim Cramer, he mentioned that this coming year will be the year of the iPhone. He gave reference to the industry a year before the iPod took off and how a year later it was the top selling portable mp3 player on the market.

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pwnsause3679d ago

oh these idiots again, these are the same idiots that said that Blu-ray was going to lose since it had no porn at the time like HD-DVD had, well look whos wrong idiots!!!! AHAHAHAHHAHA

Massacre3679d ago

you didn't know ? they can predict 'teh fuucha'. If I didn't know that new models of the iPhone was coming out already, I'd say this is BS but I know something is coming. Dont know what exactly though.

frostbite063679d ago

Dude they have new ipod models every year so expect a new iphone around summer/fall

Skerj3679d ago

If that's true, I just might rethink my stance on the iPhone being a smartphone for dummies.

cityboy1003679d ago

Given from most of the info from the past few months I say it's true 3G iphone with video chat sounds about right. Don't be surprised if apple has something else up their sleeve.

zonetrooper53679d ago

The iphone is overpriced and outdated to begin with, look up the specs and compare them to other phones on the market. I played around with the Itouch and Iphone and I must admit the touch screen is fun but I'm not paying £400 for outdated technology...