Post E3 2013: Lords of the Fallen Preview – Dark Souls Fans Take Note | C.O.G.

We here at COG weren’t expecting this game to impress us, but surprisingly it did.

"Dark Souls fans prepare yourselves! There’s a new game in development that promises to be one of the most challenging action RPG’s ever made. Lords of the Fallen made a very impressive debut at E3, and from the brief demo I saw, this is one that fans of the genre will definitely want to keep their eye on."

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MWong1997d ago

Has anybody seen any actual gameplay footage for this game? It sounds great based on the interviews and it looks visually stunning. But, where's the E3 demo. I have looked all over the place and nothing.

Destrania1997d ago

They only showed it behind closed doors @ E3 so far.