The Art of The Last of Us Now Available in Hardback

Videogame developer Naughty Dog Studios and book publisher Dark Horse have officially launched a new companion to the critically acclaimed The Last of Us, a richly detailed and compelling videogame set in a post-pandemic world where humans have become an endangered species. The Art of The Last of Us is available throughout the UK now in a hardback edition.

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minimur121998d ago

I got this with my survival edition :D It's amazing, you know ellie was concepted to have pink hair? haha!

Ilovetheps41998d ago

I'm assuming this is the same book that came with the Survival Edition, and I got it with the Survival Edition. This book is really cool. Some of the early character designs look really interesting. They even said that Tess was supposed to be the main character of the game when they first started making the game. I found that fact very interesting. If you are a fan of the game, I would highly suggest buying it.

ceballos77mx1998d ago

Joel with long hair and Tess being the main antagonist, I wish they'd release their original idea on what they wanted to do with the story and characters once the game released.

minimur121998d ago

I got it too, I loved the designs for Joel - Ponytail?!?! Ermagerd.

fardan851998d ago

I wish ND to follow SMS way and bring us behind the scene videos, documentaries like the one in GOW games.