Interview: Nyamyam – Wii U “Has Huge Potential”, “Will Be Using Dev Kits Again in the Future”

A lot of indie games have garnered a lot of attention as they’ve made their way to the Nintendo eShop, usually bolstered by the likes of a Kickstarter campaign fuelled by a social media campaign with verbal diarrhoea. Tengami however, is a beast of a different nature, developed by ex-RARE developers Phil Tossell and Jennifer Schneidereit, it was quietly confirmed to be heading to Wii U earlier this year. We decided to ask Phil a few questions about Nyamyam and their debut game Tengami…

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gamer421995d ago

It's nice to know lots of Ex Rare Employees are making their games for the Wii U Grant Kirkhope (Composing music for a hat in time), Chris Seavor (Rusty Pup), Phil Tossell, and Jennifer Schneiedereit (Tengami). Maybe one day all of the old Rare employees could join up and make a new team and bring back that Rare magic we all know!

Tewi-Inaba1995d ago

Then make the actual spiritual successor or Killer Instinct

Venox20081995d ago

i want new conker or similar game with same humor :)

sknygy1995d ago

The guy who created Conker, Chris Seavor, is making his next game for the Wii U