Hi-Def TV's Going Wireless with New Technology

The crisp HD signal is streaming across the room at Pulse-Link's Carlsbad, Calif., headquarters wirelessly - using the company's silicon chips. The DVD player sits about 25 feet away behind a wall, highlighting that the company's technology doesn't need a direct line-of-sight to work.

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decapitator3734d ago

At this rate, it wont be very long before we see walking televisions.

Breakfast3734d ago

Or TVs that watch themselves :O

Cwalat3734d ago

or TVs that vdeorecord humans and watch the videos with their children....

Breakfast3734d ago

LOL...You win hands down

DRUDOG3734d ago

I want one of these now. I swear there could be real animals nesting under all those damned wires behind my plasma. Plus this would allow me to mount with having to drill more holes for wiring. Wireless is so f'ing cool...

hotek3734d ago

im so with you. i actually looked around for wireless hd streamers but of course came up with no luck. so hopefully, the market will catch on to how awesome wireless HD networking will be.

i cant wait til something like this comes out on the market, at a reasonable price of course.

Z F1GHT3RS3733d ago

come out, this would be built in,
what else could be wireless. wireless hard drive. so you could save across the house.
just a thought

travelguy2k3733d ago

it was a stand alone device. So i could conect my projector wirelessly, and i could also my play ps3 on multiple t.v.s without ever needing to move it.

ropelli903733d ago

cool... if i could just remove that power cord too...

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