A brief history of Mark Cerny: from Atari to becoming one of PlayStation’s ‘three musketeers’

Mark Cerny took to the stage at Barcelona Gamelab event today to tell the story of his career to date, revealing the lessons learned from working on PS3 hardware and why he, Shuhei Yoshida and Andrew House aspire to be more like Nintendo.

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Timesplitter141969d ago

Mark Cerny is quickly becoming my favorite gaming industry personality, along with Kaz and Gabe

abzdine1969d ago

i'll add Yoshida to these guys

Skate-AK1969d ago

"It was gruelling – he described one particular eight hour presentation in a hot Tokyo meeting room, and recalled that one developer told him: “if PS4 doesn't have 8GB of memory then Sony is dead.”

I bet it was that Crytek guy that always talked about consoles needing 8GB of RAM.