Fez Creator Phil Fish Shakes His Angry Fist at Microsoft’s and Xbox One’s Indie Policies Again

Phil fish is angry at Microsoft again, this time after the news spread that the company has waived the patching fees on Xbox Live, without telling him or basically anyone else, and other elements he finds infuriating.

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Abriael1994d ago

Not one bit, that's for pretty damn sure.

dedicatedtogamers1994d ago

Most indies aren't happy with MS.

MikeMyers1994d ago

So that explains why you continue to bash Microsoft every chance you get, you're a indie developer. Makes perfect sense now, otherwise most people would have simply moved on to discuss things they are actually interested in.

Now we will see if Microsoft will allow self-publishing.

ChozenWoan1994d ago

We believe in supporting indie devs as they are gamers just like us who are taking a big step into becoming the next ND or Bungie.

MarkM1994d ago

The question is do you think they care.

Concertoine1994d ago

there's just no good reason not to embrace indie's. nintendo's doing it, sony's doing it, everyone's doing it because they're lucrative and attract people. microsoft are making a huge mistake shrugging off indies when xbox live's most successful game is minecraft.

Abriael1994d ago

The only reason not to embrace them is (misguided) greed, I'm guessing.

Fireseed1994d ago

Is that like the defacto uninformed go to statement? Greed? I mean I agree that it's utterly stupid Microsoft doesn't allow Indies on their platform as freely as PC, but come on let's be honest it's not greed...

It's just plain old stupidity.

Concertoine1994d ago

well greed would imply they get financial/consumer gain from shunning them. and they don't, it just makes them look worse!

2cents1994d ago

MS really do come across as control freaks, but the big difference is that Sony and Nintendo are true games companies, with Sony there is the added benefit of all of their cool innovations and consumer electronic products, music and film, they are a true entertainment company.

MS is a very different beast, it's all business, operating systems, business software solutions etc, very boring stuff for gamers, with their Xbox division they have tried to be the 'cool' kid on the block but it's hard for us to believe that they are gamers at heart, because there are way to many stiffs in suits behind the scene, clearly out of touch with what we really want. But... They are now finding out the hard way by having to deal with the unashamed onslaught of the community, creators and press. A wake up call I'm sure.

I personally feel that Xbox gained so much ground this current generation that the suits from all other departments at MS have all clambered on to get a slice of the pie. Don't forget, windows media centre was the first attempt of taking over the livingroom with tv, games and computing. But it didn't really kick off, rubbish tv cards, poor reception, people not really getting it, 'pc... In my living room... lol' that was then, but MS's vision has always been to control the livingroom. Obviously the Xbox one was a collective vision to take on iTunes, steam, Sony, Nintendo, tivo, piracy, second hand retailers etc. they wanted to control every aspect of their vision.

The trouble with being a jack of all trades is you end up being a master of none, and considering it is us who put the Xbox on the map, it's hard to accept that MS didn't want to address us first and then the world later. They were speaking to everyone and no one at the same time and they got a collective 'huh' from all of us.

The good thing is that they are not so stubborn that they have dismissed our concerns but have actually stopped and listened, I'd love to know the actual r&d costs they have racked up in the last 8 years planning this genetically modified console, and how much they have lost and subsequently reinvested to redesign their message to us. The amount of work that they must be putting in behind closed door to fix the situation must be sweat inducing. I don't envy their position, but I do commend their readiness to change and further evolve (or devolve) for us, the gamers.

I am waiting for November with great anticipation to be able to know everything that this 'thing' will do. At least we have some excitement leading up to release with all of the news and changes happening constantly at MS. This has to be the most intense time in gaming I have witnessed in all of my years. MS giving self publishing rights would be astounding but I don't think that the collective suits will all be able to let go of the control the have possessed since the introduction of Xbox live arcade.

Interesting times indeed.

Hellsvacancy1994d ago

Is Fez coming to the PS3?

Abriael1994d ago (Edited 1994d ago )

Not that I know. I wouldn't be surprised if there was some contract with microsoft in place to prevent it.

There's more hope for Fez 2

Fez1994d ago

Been there since 2007 :D

YNWA961994d ago

Ahh well..... bring back Peter Moore...

4logpc1994d ago

This dude is just never happy

Abriael1994d ago

well, in SOME cases he has reason not to be lol.

Angeljuice1994d ago (Edited 1994d ago )

Would you be? ( I take it you read his tweets).

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