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Naughty Dog on The Last of Us: “This Journey”...is Complete


We’ve already seen some mistranslated information coming from a Hideo Kojima interview about a possible Metal Gear Solid remake—he clarified on Twitter that “if there’s some creator or team in this world who has love and passion to remake MGS1, I would love to ask for it”—and now we have a misquote about The Last of Us. (PS3)

WorldGamer  +   881d ago
Makes sense. But there are so many other stories to tell that are most likely just as compelling.

We saw a small portion of an infected world, I can't wait to see what lies in the deep, dark recesses of TLOU lore. Awesome game, really takes video games to a new level of story telling and emotion.
JoGam  +   881d ago
Im cool with that Naughty Dog. Just wanna say I enjoyed the game and even though the story has ended it will be remembered for generations to come as one of the best ever told. I will speak this in existence..... Congrats on your Game of the year award.
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gta2800  +   881d ago
I don't know where they'd take it but it saddens me a little to read this article. Ellie and Joel became my favorite Playstation characters.
ShwankyShpanky  +   881d ago
(this article is its own spoiler alert)

I think the most obvious direction would have something to do with Ellie being confronted with Joel's lie in some way that she can't just brush aside. It's not like Joel killed every single Firefly at the hospital... it doesn't seem like it would take much for word to get out about what happened there.
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piroh  +   881d ago
well, i would appreciate if Ellie would return in TLOU3 even for a while. it´d be a nostalgic moment just like Snake returning to Shadow moses in MGS4
ChozenWoan  +   881d ago
Elle and Joel's journey might be over, but across the pond or around the world, there are other stories just waiting to be told.

Besides, I'm sure Drake was away on some creepy, isolated island/cave somewhere and when he got back found a way to survive. Maybe he and Joel could share a few stories... or punches. lol
Abdou23  +   881d ago
Naughty Dog repeated themselves several times with Uncharted.
isa_scout  +   881d ago
Did you play Uncharted 1 or 2? Completely different games... Not to mention that the 2nd Uncharted was the 1st multiplayer title to come out of Naughty Dog. The only Developer that Naughty Dog competes with is Naughty Dog itself.
theDECAY  +   881d ago
Obvious troll is obvious.
WeskerChildReborned  +   881d ago
True if there is a sequel, i hope the characters can be as great as Joel and Ellie.
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wastedcells  +   881d ago
This is Naughty Dog. Even if they don't return to last of us for a while, a new IP would be awesome. They really have the ability to do anything they want and we can trust that it will be something special.
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Seraphemz  +   881d ago
Im torn on what I would like to happen. I loved the game so much and really liked the characters that I didnt want it to end. So I really hope that IF they make a sequel..they make it work.
wastedcells  +   881d ago
I feel the same. The ending was great because it wasn't perfect. Just like the characters. Felt real. This game is on another level than any other game released to date. I would love a sequel and I would be happy if there wasn't one. Either way another game from Naughty Dog is on the way and it will be another great experience.
wishingW3L  +   881d ago
I'm gonna miss these 2. ;(
Classyismyname   881d ago | Spam
Walker  +   881d ago
That ending was cliffhanger! i wanna a sequel !
Nitrowolf2  +   881d ago
not really.

He lied to Ellie and I think Ellie knows that, that's why she makes him Promise it the way she did. Their journey ended with them heading back to Tommy's place. I don't see anything cliffhanger about it.

If Ellie doesn't know it's a lie then yeah, I suppose it's a cliffhanger, but in reality she'll just get mad at him. Just her tone though I think she knows he's lying, she stopped him for that reason.
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rezzah  +   881d ago

How I see it is Joel doesn't want to tell her the truth. If he does then it grants her a choice: to either stay alive with little to no chance of a vaccine for the world, or to sacrifice herself for the world (still based on chance).

After all they've been through and the bond they formed, Joel does not want to relive the experience of losing a daughter ("Baby girl").
Eldyraen  +   881d ago
*** Spoilers ***

Sort of how I interpreted it too. There was a sort of lack of passion behind it when compared to every other conversation about her role in the infection cure.

The only other way I saw it was she had lost the illusion if her being "special" from others like her (if believing the lie). In a world as dystopian as TLoU it might had been the one thing that carried her and kept her "innocent" in the way she often viewed her circumstances.

That and she said her friend and she got infected at the same time so now she essentially died for nothing and they still aren't reunited--another motivation that apparently drove her and we didn't know till near the end (a few tidbits off and on though even as early on as with Tess when explaining how she got infected but didn't elaborate).

The character progression in TLoU was phenomenal and still so much we still don't know but left us (or me at least) fulfilled.
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HammadTheBeast  +   881d ago
She needed to hear him lie to her in order to live with herself. It's kind of an ambiguous ending like Bioshock Infinite's but I think it worked.
wastedcells  +   881d ago
I can see another game with an older Ellie....maybe. But Joel's story feels finished.
ShabbaRanks  +   880d ago

Ya I think a sequel with older Ellie would be awesome.
moparful99  +   880d ago

Personally I don't think Ellie was as worried about the cure for humanity as people think she was.. Think about it, she was born into this existence and it's all she has known. To us that reality is frightening and awful because we are comfortable with our modern conveniences. She Doesn't now what plumbing, cell phones, stable electricity, fast food etc is like.. To her Joel is the only person in the world she cares about and that cares about her so when she asks him that question I think it was just a "security blanket" if you will for her.. I could be entirely wrong but it feels like Haughty Dog had that ambiguous ending so we could derive our own conclusions as to the nature of what transpired..
k2d  +   880d ago
Nope, not cliff hanger. Semi open ending, ie. open to interpretation.

Best ending in a long time.

Edit: -Spoiler-
My take on the ending; she's knows he's lying, but it's up to you to decide how she reacts to him lying.
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Mr_Nuts  +   881d ago
Eh...but it isn't, he told her a massive lie at the end of the game. If it was really over he would of just told her the truth, let her get mad but try and convince her what he did was the right thing.

It's like that in TV series at the end of a season finale when the character does something (like lie) you know it's a cliff hanger to set up the next season.

I mean they've done some brilliant character development, why throw it away, these two still have a lot left in them. The world they live in is such a dangerous place anything can happen.

I hope we don't get a prequel for the next game on Marlene or Henry/Sam...since we know whats going to happen to them.

To be honest if they aren't going to do a sequel with Joel and Ellie then don't do a sequel at all...make something new.
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Blacklash93  +   881d ago
Not every story has to end the way Hollywood would have it. I knew the story was largely inspired by Cohen Brothers' films, so the kind of ending they went with was no surprise.

It ended fine where it did. It's not too far-fetched to think that Joel and Ellie will live happily together, Joel keeping her ignorant of what transpired at the end for the rest of her life. Ellie doubts him, so maybe there will always be an awkward tension between them about the subject. It's a little depressing to think about, but I applaud the story for making a brave move like that.

When they said Ellie was the cure, I was convinced they were going the cliche route. This is the best route they could have gone with it, honestly.
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Mr_Nuts  +   881d ago
"Joel and Ellie will live happily together"

In their world...I highly doubt it

Look after how successfull it's been and how much people have taken a liking to the characters Sony will want ND to make a sequel with these two. It's business at the end of the day and that lie will come back to bite Joel in the ass.
Blacklash93  +   881d ago
You're right, maybe "happily" isn't the best way to put it. But it did give them hope to live relatively contently.

ND confirmed this story of Joel and Ellie is done, but won't rule them out appearing or starring again. However, we can tell that they view TLoU's story as complete (as in a direct sequel is not necessary) and are strongly considering moving on to new characters and places.
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fourOeightshark  +   881d ago
Sony doesn't make ND do anything, they trust them with all of their projects.
admiralvic  +   880d ago
But this isn't TV and a lot of stories end with something like that. The idea is that you get to decide what happens after and you're ultimately allowed to have whatever ending you want. While I do personally like just flat out knowing what happened, there are others that rather make up their own ending based off the events of the story. Going off a lot of what you've said, anything can happen, so just make up whatever ending you "want" the most.

As far as not doing a sequel, well nothing says they won't include something to give you an idea of their future. They could easily make TLOU 2 and simply have a poster looking for Joel or another with something ominous about Ellie.
Lovable  +   881d ago
I don't get it...it's the perfect ending for the game. People should accept it and move on. Don't tarnish this awesome game. I don't mind getting a new batch of characters and get some cameos from these two...
FantasyStar  +   881d ago
I'd rather they just leave it where it is and move onto a new game.
superbhoy  +   881d ago
same. Cant wait for ND on PS4
Crystallis  +   881d ago
I'm fine with them not continuing with Ellie and Joel, but would love to see different playable characters and how they react to the world they live in.
cell989  +   881d ago
I havent finished this game yet, dont spoil it people, I just met Bill.
Lockhart  +   881d ago
Has he died yet?
Lovable  +   881d ago
cell989  +   881d ago
you would!!!
ThatCanadianGuy514  +   881d ago
The rabbit dies

ChozenWoan  +   881d ago
what rabbit?

Ohh you mean the chick with the rabbit tattoo... well she had it coming.
SaffronCurse  +   881d ago
That Rabbit was so CUTE
PersonMan  +   881d ago

I liked that rabbit. It's too bad it had to die. Poor thing.
HammadTheBeast  +   881d ago
Bill's Ellie's dad.
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KontryBoy706  +   881d ago
cell989 why are you reading an article about the end of the game into the development for the next game (with SPOILER posted mind you). And then have the nerve to read the comment section from people who have played and finished the game? LOL wow...
RankFTW  +   881d ago
Yeah exactly what I was thinking.
cell989  +   881d ago
the only thing I wanted to know was if there would be a sequel, I didnt read the article thoroughly for that same reason, you guys suck!
greyhaven33  +   881d ago
Yeah I waited to beat the game before reading articles like this...no cause for complaint
HappyWithOneBubble  +   881d ago
Well what you doing on N4G? Go finish the game.
Tainted Gene  +   881d ago
Bill's wife is HOT
banjadude  +   881d ago
"Wife" ... LOL!
KontryBoy706  +   881d ago
more like "partner" LOL
Kran  +   881d ago
It's a shame Bill killed Ellie.... STILL. That's how it goes. :)
HammadTheBeast  +   881d ago
OK, let's quit while we're ahead LOL.
k2d  +   880d ago
Hey! HEY! Listen! Don't spoil the ending for me. You know I haven't played it yet, right? So don't spoil the ending! Don't spoil for me okay? Spoil it for me. No, don't!!
Kran  +   880d ago
bunnies took over the world basically.
Dirtnapstor  +   881d ago
This story is that of one in which answers to lingering questions will only tarnish the finished product. Some of the greatest stories ever told leave you (the reader/viewer) with questions. Sometimes the "answer" only ruins the mystery and takes away from all that which made a story so good....
With that however, I still do want a continuation of TLOU universe, to explore more, with Joel and Elle as a cameo/add-on to another "big development" within the world of fungi.
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Lovable  +   881d ago
Well Said Sir!
greyhaven33  +   881d ago
Agree, well said
moparful99  +   880d ago
Personally I think they should make the sequel from the perspective of Joel's brother. Start at the beginning of the outbreak like they did in this one and then show how they parted ways. Play off how their stories intersect and then diverge again. What was he up to after Joel and Ellie left for Utah? How'd he meet his wife? Whats his motivation and why do Joel and him harbor ill will? I think they could easily flesh that out and make a good game from it..
famoussasjohn  +   881d ago
They're still doing story dlc, right?
Shadowolf  +   881d ago
famoussasjohn  +   881d ago
Hell ya! :D
Eldyraen  +   881d ago
*** Spoilers which should go without saying at this point in a thread like this...***

There is so much potential for dlc for TLoU... each character you meet almost screams "ME!" to have their own dlc to build upon their back stories, the world at large, or even "mini games" for alternate game modes.

Bill for example is the perfect choice for a "horde" (or rather "hoard") mode. Most of his time is spent either defending "his" city from raiders and infected both or scavenging supplies either for personal use or to trade with smugglers. For more of a multiplayer centric hoard mode University medical center could be ideal setting or pretty much any city location. Worrying about both infected and humans should be a priority (or at least an option).

Henry and Sam were originally a part of a larger group of "tourists" as the raiders call them so could easily come up with a coop mode using either them (Henry and Sam) or the "lost ones" to keep canon untouched.

Tess... the truth is she seemed to be the brains of the group and in many ways the one in charge between her and Joel's enterprise. She also had a story pre-Joel and contacts outside of his sphere of influence (such as those in the alleys and the guy on the bus).

They could use either Marlene or Tommy to expand the Fireflies story (Marlene likely the better choice--after all she and others survived and journeyed west and Tommy's is all past experience). Tommy has enough blanks to make a game of its own but not sure how I would feel about it.

So much else that could be done to expand the TLoU universe without directly compromising the existing storyline. The biggest danger and risk is a true sequel as would be hard to follow the original. I think they could probably find some way to expand it but hopefully it won't be rushed. Whatever they do though if it doesn't "fit" I would rather it be scrapped.

A part of me wants a sequel of some sort yet an equal or even larger part is afraid it wouldn't compare and somewhat tarnish the beauty that is The Last of Us.
famoussasjohn  +   881d ago
Holy mother of God if that is what they're going to provide us in story content. That would be amazing!
Eldyraen  +   881d ago
Just my wish list ;)

The potential is there though to do things in a new way while still building on established storylines and even "common" mechanics given a TLoU twist. They have said they want to build on characters and the world though and just some cool options.
Rhezin  +   881d ago
yeah Joel and Ellie's story is done. Get over it. A sequel WITH them would be cheap and tacked on because it ended so well. But yes a continuation in the universe with different characters would be fantastic.
HammadTheBeast  +   881d ago
I could see them making cameos in future games in the same world, but yes, the short of Joel and Ellie, as much as it pains me to say it, is over.
KontryBoy706  +   881d ago
I guess it really was The Last Of Us (Them). I really hate to see Joel and Ellie not return. Joel was one of the truest bad ass realistic guy characters to play as since John Marston from Red Dead Redemption. He should be a Sony icon/mascot just as much as Drake is. At least there is DLC to look forward to. this is one game that I'd happily open my wallet for DLC
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310dodo  +   881d ago
Thank God,

The Last of Us = Masterpiece

leave the world to "fend for it self" and we will be left too always wonder.

Imagination is sometimes better
stage88  +   881d ago
Good decision.

Absolutely loved these characters but would hate a sequel to this story.
This a huge world so another story with other people would be fantastic!
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RankFTW  +   881d ago
I'd like to see a story of how Joel and Tommy survived for the 20 years before Ellie showed up.
Eldyraen  +   881d ago
I'm curious about that as well but in a sense would rather they not fill in that particular blank. The mystery surrounding Joel's past is part of his appeal.
ShabbaRanks  +   880d ago
Ya Joel is badass lol. He so mysterious. Just the fact that he survived for 20years and that he was with both Hunters and Fireflies gives me Goosebumps.


The part were he tortures the two dudes gave you a pretty good idea of his dark side :P
Chapter11  +   881d ago
As far as I know, there has never been a successful AAA game that hasn't gotten a sequel. The Last of US 2 will be on shelves in three years.
Williamson  +   881d ago
The ending was great and I don't think a sequel needs to be made for Joel and Ellie, but its gonna really suck if we don't ever hear from those two again.
famoussasjohn  +   881d ago
But I wanna see how my baby girl grows up.. ;(
sway_z  +   881d ago
There are negatives and positives to this...

Negative - TLOU is so good, so popular and so brilliantly executed, Sony may want a sequel from a financial point of view, with the series getting stale by the 3rd outing.

Positive - TLOU story ends here, and the game forever retains 'Legendary' status, completely untarnished. Naughty Dog will be remembered as the studio of real integrity, quality and prominence. Best Developers in the World.

The Last of Us is the most engaging game 'I' have ever played on any console ever! A genuine masterpiece, putting 90% of Hollywood Movies to shame!

...and now I guess it's time to move on :/
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danthebios  +   881d ago
I consider the last of us as a "the last from us" meaning its the last exclusive game from naughty dog for the ps3:( kind of sad but hey its time to welcome the ps4:)
moparful99  +   880d ago
You know I hadn't really thought of this being the PS3's swan song and now that you say it I'm very sad.. Thanks! lol
Kran  +   881d ago

"as far as the journey Joel and Ellie goes on it ends with this game."

R-really? You make Joel lie to Ellie and tell us it's the end of a story? There's much that could be done. How will their relationship be affected another 5 years down the line? I want to know how their relationship changes over the years. Or am I the only one?

end of spoilers
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Psychonaut  +   881d ago
I agree with (KRAN) a sequel could take place with Ellie, Joel, Tommy, and Bill. "Imagine if you will its some years later their little safe haven is growing so its becoming a "SAFE" HAVEN for other travelers. and this attention is not welcomed and what remaining members of The Fireflys begin looking for it, while not forgetting what Joel did, and still Ellie is the most wanted person.

In this sequel you take the role of Ellie now she is older, smarter, and has been trained by Tommy, Joel, and Bill. and the game can let you venture the little town or use it as a safe haven as you venture the game. All the while Fireflys are still looking for you, and as Ellie you need to seek out answers to your infection, remember she is not immune, its just slower in affecting her, and I believe that should be the plot is that the virus in her is spreading.

(Maybe even have it come to blows if Ellie confronts Joel, or lets him know she knew he was lying.) Maybe Ellie has a kid and he is perfectly immune and she along with the ton have to protect him/her.)

Through TLOU2 you see more areas and see even more creatures like what happens to a Bloater if it kept changing, and introduce new enemies, and even new humans both friend and foe like a good guy para-millitary group who are good. Human enemies who eat human flesh to survive, maybe see what a human looks like who has eaten either infected humans or clickers.

And if that does not grab you then do a game set before Ellie showed up and make it about what Joel went through right after his daughter died, and how he joined up with the people he did, and maybe it can feature him and Tommy venturing about, find out how he met Bill, and the female character (sorry forgot her name.).

Least, these are my thoughts, ALSO I'd like to see a Mall, and some sort of Amusement Park in the game and what they look like post outbreak.
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greyhaven33  +   881d ago
TLOU is the reason I play games, one of the best I have ever played. Joel and Ellie are amazing, thank you Naughty Dog for this incredible experience
ShabbaRanks  +   880d ago
MonChiChi  +   881d ago
How does the saying go? "Only the good die young". This game fits that in more ways than one.

There is no need for a sequel. Reminds me of my bebop days.

Thank you ND <3 <3
#22 (Edited 881d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Razgriz383  +   880d ago
I figured they would go the older Ellie route. Which I honestly thought was going to happen in the first one (Kinda like Red Dead Redemption).
Slient Knight 9  +   880d ago
I would like a prequel, to see what joel had to do to survive for that long and how he met tess and bill.
DeeZee  +   880d ago
We'll get a PS Vita prequel.
Sevir  +   880d ago
The Game Ended brilliantly
Given that I Read "The Road" the very last moments of this story had me believing that something even more traumatic would happen to Joel as they made their way back to Tommy. I was relieved to see ND give the "Alternative Hope" of living a life as normal as it can be in a world as harsh and dangerous as it is, instead of going the cliche of sacrificing her to save man kind.

And it made sense that ND did such an ending, it's obvious and clear that the 2 of those characters love each other and have a dynamic father daughter relationship that it would be a predictable crime to kill that after the entire quest. Joel has lost everything for 20 years he lived and became a hard cruel man who was on the verge of losing the last of himself, Ellie was his redemption and his chance of rediscovering the loving guy he was before he lost Sarah. I'm glad that ND gave these characters a fitting conclusion, Ellie keeps her innocence gains a father like figure and Joel finds that part of him that was almost lost forever, even with this Dystopian World they live in life is brighter for the 2 of them than a world where only one of them lives but laments with no closure. The world might be cured but would the gradual change we see in Joel have been for Nothing then?

Let ND move on to something else, let this game and it's characters live the life they were suppost to, being that through it all life is still more bareable now that they have each other. We don't need a sequel to have these characters revisited. It's a conclusive ending. We should just assume that Ellie and Joel will repeatedly touch on the subject of what transpired in Salt Lake City, and tension will arise between them since it's a delicate subject for both but the fact that they have each other shells that.

Brilliant Game and Naughty_Dog is a master of their craft and is hands down the BEST in the industry. They are the reason why I still believe that consoles will still thrive even in this disruptive new craze known as mobile gaming.
FlunkinMonkey  +   880d ago
Great analysis.. Bubble +
Tiqila  +   880d ago
I want a sequel! but not with the same characters. Their story ist over and man was that a ride... I totally agree on that with naughty dog.

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