Crisis Core PSP theme on US PSN

VG247: Square Enix has released a Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII PSP theme on the US Playstation Store.

It's a XrossMediaBar affair with a customized background and icons featuring characters from the game. The good news is it's completely free...

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RecSpec3490d ago

The internet playstation store. Off the computer. I got it, pretty sweet.

eagle213490d ago

Themes too! LOL :) "nickle and dime bullsh*& can go to MS, they love to pay"...

Real gamer 4 life3489d ago

Can someone instruct me on how to download this theme, because everytime i try i get Xpd file and it telling me that windows doesnt have the program to open the file.

Mike Bowden3489d ago

Don't you just copy it straight over to your PSP?

Or try Google...;)