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EuroGamer: "Following Tanaka's departure, A Realm Reborn - which is in closed Beta during the weekends, and set for full launch in August 2013 - is now under the direction of Naoki Yoshida, a designer who cut his teeth on Hudson's Bomberman series. Yoshida has been eager to assert two things in the lead up to this Beta phase: firstly, that he had absolutely nothing to do with Final Fantasy 14 1.0, as the company now refers to the original game, and secondly, that he is an avid fan of the genre, a fascination that makes him the ideal saviour of this beleaguered world."

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Kte1936d ago

Yes the BETA has been epic. If anyone has not signed up, I definitely recommend trying this :D The future of FFMMO is here :O

Nevers1936d ago

I'm on board. Jones'n for more beta, for sure.

Abriael1936d ago (Edited 1936d ago )

I always wonder how someone can write a preview of a MMORPG having played it for a whole two weekends...

Nevers1936d ago

Yeah, at this point it's like the preview of an extended trailer.

3-4-51936d ago

I know...imagine trying to review/preview WoW after only a short time....wouldn't be possible.

I loved FF11....would have played it more if not for WoW releasing 3-4 months later.

I kind of want to play this now but not sure if I want to jump back into an MMO after being away from them since 2007.

Blankolf1936d ago

Final Fantasy Real Reborn main issue is your character's lack of voice acting, others speak to you in cutscenes and you are a silent character, turning off by quite a notch the connection to the character, I would not mind this if it were 5 years ago, but 2013 has games like Mass Effect and Star Wars Old Republic that deal with this.

Need4Game1936d ago (Edited 1936d ago )

Send your voice-acting recording to SquareEnix, and maybe you'll have a few bucks.

Everyone should try it.

Blankolf1936d ago

That would be quite nicelly implemented with Kinect, if one could read out loud the option and it would detect it, that would bring quite the imersion to the game :)

Need4Game1936d ago

Player voice-acting, Player-created Quest & Voice Interaction.

One problem is SquareEnix have little expertise in programming for PS3 to make it happen.

If FFXIV:ARR do very well, with enough funding and people, we'll see it in FFXIV:3.0