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All The PS4 Games We Know | PS Nation

A list with around 60 PS4 games that we know of has been put together at PS Nation. (PS4)

WolfOfDarkness  +   674d ago
10 IPs will be more than enough for PS4 in 2013 .
shivvy24  +   674d ago
lol i actually cant keep up at the moment , i still have to play :
- Last of Us
- Borderlands 2
- Far Cry 3
- Journey
Jughead3416  +   674d ago
I haven't played Journey, but the other three are games are must plays in my book. Awesome games. Want me to tell you how they end to save you the trouble?
shivvy24  +   674d ago
@edterry , lol no ! i need to play em
ChazzH69  +   674d ago
All of those are great games, I think Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon and Call of Juarez Gunslinger are ones to play as well.
MasterofMagnetism  +   674d ago
And many more to come. Greatness awaits indeed.
ChazzH69  +   674d ago
I would expect many more to be announced at the next few Game Shows. Greatness indeed.
Jakens  +   674d ago
MWong  +   674d ago
The game I am really wanting to see in action is The Agent. That game has been in hiatus for so long and I would love to see it.
vikingland1  +   674d ago
The link is broken for me. I've tried a few times now and the page won't load.
ChazzH69  +   674d ago
Thanks for the heads up. Got it fixed now. Sorry for any inconvenience caused by this.
Slysi  +   674d ago
Same,wont load
PJF_Josh  +   674d ago
We're been experiencing problems with our web host yesterday and today (Friday the 28th). Hopefully it'll all be cleared up this afternoon and the server will be stable. I'll update when it's fixed.

*Edit* we're back up now as of 11am Eastern.
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Slysi  +   674d ago
Thx for fixing link and a very good read

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