Remembering the Wii: A Great Console for Shooters

The Wii will mainly be remembered for its waggling and successful marketing campaign that enticed everyone from children to the elderly. Many self-proclaimed hardcore gamers might scoff at such a legacy, but there’s something about the Wii a lot of gamers don’t even consider: the system has a strong selection of shooters.

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darthv721666d ago

house of the dead, gunblade NY, dead space extraction...

surprised sega didnt release virtua cop and same with namco and time crisis. Those would be good additions to the gun games the wii has.

Smoovekid1666d ago

It is good for arcade shooters like link's crossbow training.

Concertoine1666d ago

rail shooters and metroid prime 3... nothing else comes to mind. the wii is one of those consoles that cant be defined by one genre, because they're so much variety on the system. just not all of it is... good.

1666d ago
Chapter111666d ago

Go home Jed Pressgrove, you're drunk

seepamann1666d ago

Completely wrong ps3 and xbox 360' PC are very best platform for shooter games battlefield 3 , cod mw3,killzone,left 4 dead,and many more best shooter only on these platform so i m not agree with that

NihonjinChick1666d ago

The Wii was great for rail shooters.

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