The Bureau: XCOM Declassified new trailer

The Bureau: XCOM Declassified gameplay is shown in depth in this trailer released today, and it looks simply amazing.

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XXXL1995d ago

Should've stuck with the original FPS vision. This looks boring as hell

despair1995d ago

It actually looks like something I would enjoy. I watched the Gamespot E3 Stage demo and knew this was the game for me. 3rd person rts, its part Mass Effect, Part XCOM and that's pretty cool.

TedCruzsTaint1995d ago

They threw the game to third-person in order to give a better view of your surroundings and then, seeing the popularity for the recent XCOM release, focused a lot more on tact and group functions.
Seems like a smart shift from the straight-forward FPS this was being shown as for a while. It's all opinion though.
I'm rather interested is seeing more from this one.

Festano1995d ago

Seems to be interesting.

banjadude1995d ago

I think this is 3x better than the original FPS one. Liking the squad powers and power/weapon wheel. It's like resistance and mass effect rolled into one (IMO of course)

MysticStrummer1995d ago

From this video I'd say Enemy Unknown is much cooler, but I'll keep an open mind.

Tdmd1995d ago

Looking very interesting! Rts tps? I'm all in!