Hooked Gamers: Midnight Club: Los Angeles Preview

Midnight Club: Los Angeles is the latest addition in the Midnight Club series. As the title states, the game is set in the streets of Los Angeles, giving you a new area to tear up alone or with your friends.

Midnight Club 2 introduced motorcycles into the game in 2003, which made it the first racing game to have bikes versus cars racing through city streets. This has followed through up to Midnight Club: LA, adding on to the previous games. In Midnight Club 3 there were different skills you could use to your advantage while racing, which was a nice touch. Hooked Gamers won't be surprised if they make an appearance again.

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CrazyMystical3644d ago

one of my favorite racing franchise more so than need for speed, but i don't see how ill get the time to play this because its release is still kind of close to GTAIV

Delta_FX3644d ago

I love the Midnight Club series... I'll make sure to pre-order this when there is a definite date.

longduckdong3644d ago

get the Bourne Conspiracy and then I'll have Midnight Club racing (because the devs worked on it before) plus fighting and guns too