Always "Playing to Win," a Good or Bad thing?

TVGB: "We all play games to have fun right? Think about what makes playing a game fun. You can't try to fool yourself into thinking that you have just as much fun if you're playing a game losing all the time. We can all relate, everyone has lost no matter how good they are. Some gamers out there try to reason and talk themselves out of the importance of whether they win or not because they think of themselves as "casual gamers." They say they are "content with their skill level," their opponents "use cheap tactics," or something else from a multitude of excuses. This can lead to a subconscious defeatist attitude and thus less fun in one's gaming. A better way of thinking about it is: there are gamers who do well and then there are gamers who hide behind the title of "casual gamer" or excuses because they don't know how to do well or they just don't want to put in the effort."

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JoelR3645d ago

Playing to win depends on who I am playing...
If I am top ranked in a game and a new player enters I may pull back. Totally humiliating opponents just makes the game bad for them and gives you less people to play with in the future.
It's not defeatist - it's more of a teaching mode.
OTOH - if someone better than me is playing I will go all out to see if I can take em down.