Top 5 James Bond Video Games

James Bond video games have been showing up on consoles since the 80’s, and with a new generation of consoles coming out, one can assume that the world’s greatest secret agent will eventually find his way to the PS4, Xbox One, and Wii U. As a huge James Bond fan, Brian O'Donnell of has played many of the games over the years, and has compiled a list for your enjoyment.

Hmmm... wonder what's number one...

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Timesplitter141995d ago

Loved the grappling hook in Agent Under Fire. Multiplayer was a blast.

Also I definitely agree with Nightfire getting #2 spot.

malokevi1995d ago (Edited 1995d ago )

That was what I was thinking when I opened this article. Nothing better than grapple hooking around in that small town map, up into the church tower... crazy fun with friends.

Timesplitter141995d ago

I spent countless hours trying to crush friends in the wine cellar thing, and killing the VIP in the train station level.

Life was simple back then

febreeze11995d ago

EA needs the license back so we can get a new bond game or remake on Frostbite 3! Look how Dice is on a roll. SWB, BF4, ME2! Give it to Dice or make a new studio.

BattleReach1995d ago

mm Everything or Nothing also deserved a place in the top 5. But that's just my opinion lol.

Majin-vegeta1995d ago

I can agree with everything on number one xD.

Since Crapovision no longer has rights to the Bond IP hopefully someone picks it up and creates another Goldeneye era of gaming.

PerryCaravello1995d ago

007: Agent Under Fire

Nuff said.

RedDeadLB1995d ago

Each and every one of them from the Pierce Brosnan era. Now that was a good Bond guy.