WeareData goes live, provides publicly available data for Berlin, London and Paris

LGN "If you remember a few days back Ubisoft launched the following website ( http://wearedata.watchdogs.... related to its upcoming open-world action game Watch Dogs set in Chicago, wherein the CtOS monitoring system is manipulated by the protagonist to utilise/spy on/intervene/hack etc as he sees fit. Now the website has gone live, and it appears to be one which allows users to access real-time data viewable via a 3D mapping system for the cities and inhabitants of Berlin (Germany), London (UK) and Paris (France)"

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Whatsupdog1852d ago

Anyone else find this a bit Big Brother creepy :-P

FrightfulActions1851d ago

With the release of Xbox One maybe they'll also include Kinetic cameras.

Audiggity1851d ago

Interesting. Wonder if people in these regions will start generating more activity once they realize it's being broadcast.

The key here is that Ubi is only showing data that's already available. It has been presented in a way to give a "Big Brother" feel.

I'd suggest keeping an eye out for posts made from Desmond Miles... imagine that the Animus could easily be used to make posts via FourSquare/Twitter/Instagram :o)

logan_izer101850d ago

I thought this was a great advertising tool for them. Very interesting.