HIResolution Subway Map recreated from GTA 4 trailer 4

After long hours of work, staff members of the French Grand Theft Auto Network, made a vector map from the subway seen in Trailer 4.

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Nastycrew3764d ago

Just give me the damn game :(

Doctor Phil3764d ago

....get a life instead of making maps for games that will be released within a month.

I actually feel sorry them. But I am a very empathic guy now that I come to think about :P

machete squad steve3764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

To get excited about GTA4, but I just can't find anything about it that makes me want to play on day 1. I hope it kicks @$$ but all the trailers look like there only cut scenes. I would be reassured if I could see some walk threw.

Does anyone know if there is any, or just tell me one thing you can't wait to try.

TheExecutive3764d ago

im sure the middle of this month will receive some gameplay

Wozzer3764d ago

Wow that map is so useful /jk