Sony’s Kaz Hirai Earns $1.6 Million as PS4 Maker Returns to Profit

Sony Corp. (6758) Chief Executive Officer Kazuo Hirai received 153 million yen ($1.6 million) in annual compensation as the Japanese electronics maker returned to its first profit in five years.

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Abash2000d ago

Kaz deserves every penny for taking the measures to return Sony to profit and successfully accomplished that

abzdine2000d ago (Edited 2000d ago )

Sony is kicking at the period where they're bringing PS2 back to us!! I can't be luckier than this

despair2000d ago

well that will give me nightmares.

Darrius Cole2000d ago

That is a surprisingly low number for the CEO of a major corporation. CEO's of American corporations the size of Sony make a lot more money than that.

Kyur4ThePain2000d ago

@Darrius - and they're all rotten to the core. Well, many of them.

MikeMyers2000d ago

Sony is back on track and are looking good moving forward. The TV division remains the biggest wild-card. Sales are likely down across the board. They will try and push 4K sets but I don't see that breaking much ground for at least a few years. We aren't even getting 1080p content for cable vision yet.

yeahokchief2000d ago (Edited 2000d ago )

He should make more than 1.6million and i believe he will after the breakout year the ps4 will have. i think they all took paycuts because their stock is going to get up there.

good things happen when you listen to your customers and release an affordable device. they've learned a lot the hard way.

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Convas2000d ago (Edited 2000d ago )

He has my respect as a business major.

chadwarden2000d ago

Kaz turned Sony around in such a short time period. Shows how much of an idiot Howard Stringer was.

GameCents2000d ago

Selling 2 buildings to the amount of billions and cutting 10 000 jobs had nothing to do with it. -___-

He did a great job and lets not detract from that, but lets not drag Howard through the mud. When Kaz turns another profit this year through actual day to day business then we can compare him to Mr Stringer.

DEEBO2000d ago

why they disagree with you?the one guy did run sony to the ground. ken help by making the ps3 too high but the technology was there.the ps3 R&D was costly.but good job kaz even better job hiring mark to lead the charge with the ps4.yeah and their t.v's are killing them too.

moegooner882000d ago (Edited 2000d ago )

@GameCents what about Sony buying Gaiki for 380 million $, as well as buying EMI publishing operations for 2.2 billion $, don't selectively list details and eliminate the ones you don't " prefer ".

Gimmemorebubblez2000d ago (Edited 2000d ago )

Don't forget the $500 000 000 10% acquisition of Olympus.

Stringer was an idiot, I lost money on Sony stock back in 2010.

Off-topic but interesting.
Kuturagi in 2005 was assigned to turn around the electronics business including flat panel displays etc. before it plunged into the red, which was a very hard task given how hard the then CEO Nobyuko Idei seemed to try destroy Sony's dominance in the sector. While Stringer was given the easier task of increasing Sony's entertainment profits to industry standards. Kuturagi failed and Stringer succeeded, Stringer was made CEO and Kuturagi was ousted due to plunging SCE into the red.

yeahokchief2000d ago

stringer did an alright job with the circumstances he was given.

whoever decided to keep pushing for crazy expensive tvs and the $600 pricetag on the ps3 ultimately is to blame.

they were wasting money in a lot of different ways but kaz seems to have fixed a lot of it. i still think they have a lot of work to do tho...

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6DEAD6END62000d ago

Good job kaz for turning Sony around, Playstation 4 will be the most successful console ever even more then the PS2. Im calling it now and you can disagree and i will understand but my gut is telling me thats what is going to happen and not only that but Sony as a whole will be extremely successful as well. They just seem to be making all the right moves from their new phones to their new tvs(they are one of the cheapest 4k tvs on the market right now $4999) to their movies too. Im really happy with them, they have come a long way since Kaz stepped in as head.

Concertoine2000d ago

im sorry but nothing could top the ps2's sales. the competition back then was really lacking, and the thing PLAYED DVD'S IN 2000! the ps4 will dominate most likely, but it'll probably land somewhere between ps3 and ps1 in terms of sales.

2000d ago
6DEAD6END62000d ago

I can respect that but its just my gut feeling.

ThatCanadianGuy5142000d ago

The competition was lacking because it killed the competition.

Just like the competition is lacking this time around too.

Concertoine2000d ago

i like how everyone disagreed when i said itd land somewhere between ps3 and ps1 sales, which is in fact just above 100 million.
Then liked the guy under me for saying they'd get just above 100 million -_-


I wouldn't assume PS2 success to be unattainable. If we look at past gen, the total ammount of consoles sold were just over 210 million (DC, PS2, Xbox and GameCube), with only PS2 having considerable after-next-gen sales. This gen We're at around 250 million (Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii) and it's not finished yet and at least PS3 and Xbox 360 don't look like they'll go anywhere that soon...

If either console dominates the market like the PS2 did, chances are it'll easily go beyond 150 million units by the time of retiring, the challenge here is to acquire that kind of dominance, not the number itself.

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Angeljuice2000d ago

Well, it's even easier to develop for than PS2 (some PS2 chips had their own proprietary language). If it isn't a match in sales, it could still be a match in quality and quantity of titles released. I think this generation will truly shine in that area.

cleft52000d ago

Yeah you really feel that sort of magical atmosphere that is being created by Sony right now. It was the same way when Microsoft released the 360 or back in the PS2 days. PS4 is going to be amazing and I am actually excited to own a PS4. I haven't felt this sort of anticipation since the days of the PS2.

I feel like console gaming is going to get one last hurrah for me, but I am going to start moving over to PC gaming this generation too. What Microsoft attempted with the DRM was disgusting, but I do think that is the way console gaming is going. If I am going to have to deal with DRM and restriction than I am going to do it on the PC where I can mod my games at least.

No_Limit2000d ago

Now can we get some new Kaz gifs to celebrate this milestone?