Which Next-Gen System to Choose? PC of Course

Mike discusses the advantages of PC gaming compared to what the next generation of consoles promise.

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mania5681993d ago

while it is true the pc ca be better than the consoles, its not made to run games, for one i hate the noise a pc does playing a heavy game, lag is also part of the problem and using the keyboard is a pain, consoles are simpler, made to play games and get exclusives you wont see anywhere else and that makes all the difference to gamers, now if you compare the price for a PC that is better than a ps4/xbone you will probably need to pay 3/4 times more than the ps4 for limited games due to the best games i saw are exclusives, PC has valid points and if you have those strong PC´s you can be set if you are a casual gamer but let me tell you true gamers opt for the next gen consoles every time.

sorane1993d ago

So much wrong I'm not even gonna bother trying to explain.....

DeadSpaced1993d ago

What a sensitive topic!

As for the Next-Gen system to choose? That's a personal choice. There are clearly people who prefer PC over console and vice versa.

evilsooty1993d ago (Edited 1993d ago )

Meh, up to individual tastes really.

I'm into tinkering every little thing and love pushing graphics as far as they can go so have a gaming PC, but also have a 3DS for Nintendo exclusives. All the systems have their advantages and disadvantages.

For example my CPU water cooler sprang a leak a few weeks ago and took out the PSU, motherboard and my (very expensive) GPU! Thankfully I was able to get everything replaced through the warranty, but I'm sure that would deter a lot of other people from going near a PC again :)