Top 10 Greatest Video Game Characters Of All Time

"We all have our favorite gaming franchises and video game characters. Every once in a while a character is so cleverly created they become an instant favorite generating a huge fan base and following for years to come. While choosing only ten was very difficult, join BootHammer as we take a look at our nominees for the Top 10 Greatest Video Game Characters." -BootHammer

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XXXL1972d ago

Holy shit what an awful list. Marcus Fenix???? LMAO. Brutal.

Wni01972d ago

i know this stuff is subjective, but my god at least put characters who have decent writing. gears of war is just generic marines grunting and swearing throughout the series.

badboy7761971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

No Order

5.donky kong
6.lara croft
7.master chief
10. Tie between Pac-Man and crash Bandicoot

HammadTheBeast1971d ago

Wait.... no Joel and Ellie, but MARCUS FENIX?!


Wigriff1971d ago

I thought the same thing...

Steven211972d ago

sub-zero over scorpion any day... interesting list though...

gamer421972d ago

Your missing: Crash Bandicoot, Link, and Megaman

1972d ago
LiquidJordan1972d ago

Interesting list...however, I'm more interested in the different pictures. The ones of Kratos and Solid Snake are awesome.

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The story is too old to be commented.