Dear Sony, you should take your relationship with Atlus to a new level

Sony, you and Atlus need to take a hard look at your relationship and consider moving to the next level. Things haven’t always been easy between you two, but with Index on the brink and over £160 million in debt, it’s time to consider looking beyond your past and towards a better and brighter future.

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CaptainSheep1793d ago

I agree. The more Persona games on PlayStation consoles, the better! Really hope P5 is on Vita. :D

Summons751793d ago

P5 would and SHOULD be on ps3/4 (more likely 4 at this point since they haven't really started development yet)

SMT is strongest on home consoles. Handheld games have still been good but not as good as the console games have always been.

Blastoise1793d ago

I want Persona 5 on Vita too, it would be perfect.

Roper3161793d ago

seeing that it's mandatory for all PS4 games to have remote play with the Vita a PS4 version would be best since it could be played on both systems. Am I right?

Protagonist1793d ago


Indeed, Indeed, Indeed!!!! Agree, agree, agree...

Blastoise1793d ago


Yeah I don't get why some people are so keen for a PS3/PS4 version. P4G was badass on the Vita, and if Persona 5 was made with the vita in mind from the ground up it would be incredible

j-blaze1792d ago

would be better if played on full HDTV instead
also, really hope Sony help them but i doubt it, because hey, Atlus is a "Japanese" third party studio and Sony barely care about Japanese studios or games this gen, they are more American than Japanese now sadly

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Snookies121793d ago

I'm sure it will be on Vita at some point. Considering all the others made a handheld transition. :]

Eazy-Eman1793d ago


Don't forget about the mainline Shin Megami games! without them we wouldn't have persona!

killacal131793d ago

Hope Sony partners with them, or even better buys Atlus. Viva Persona!!!

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Bitsnark1793d ago

I hope they find a decent suitor, but really, I don't reckon Microsoft is part of the equation.

It would be like asking Bobby Kotick to give a thoughtful meditation on where the FPS genre can go next.

They wouldn't know what the hell they were looking at.

gamer421793d ago

Either Sony or Nintendo picking them up would be great! Atlus already has a great relationship with both companies. I wonder if we're going to see Persona 5 on a sony or nintendo platform, or both. There's always a possibility they're picked up by a third party and will still be able to provide both platforms the games we want! The third option is my preferred choice.

lucidity1793d ago

Sorry, but I can't see that a publisher with a small but stable market like Atlus would be something Sony wants to snap up. Sure, P4G probably shifted more than a few Vitas. But Atlus games sell through a few hundred thousand units at absolute best, and platform holders want million sellers.

Baka-akaB1793d ago

Who knows ? Each persona game , even the fighting game , easily shift more than half a million .

And shin megami tensei usually shift 300-400k .

Sony would easily wish that for some of it's lower selling studios (remember PS all stars ?), so i can totally picture it .

RiPPn1793d ago (Edited 1793d ago )

If Nintendo picks them up that means no Persona or even Disgaea on Sony? Please let Sony or a neutral publisher that will keep status quo pick them up.

ThePsychoGamer1793d ago

As far as I know Atlus only owns the publishing rights to one or two of the Disgaea games, so Nintendo picking up Atlus wouldn't really do anything to the Disgaea series.

Sidology1793d ago

Just the first game, actually. NIS has the rights to the rest of them.

RiPPn1793d ago

Oh yeah you're right, *sigh relief* still want persona to stay on Sony though!

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