PS4 Architect Mark Cerny Hopes PlayStation's Legacy Can Match Nintendo's

Mark Cerny has told a conference in Spain that he dreams of PlayStation having the same kind of enduring impact on the games industry as Nintendo.

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gamer421999d ago (Edited 1998d ago )

IMO they already have, I know a lot of people raised on Playstation and not nintendo. Playstation has a number of memorable games like nintendo systems have. They both have different, but great legacies. They're both really great gaming companies and I love them both, and I don't want to see either of them leave anytime soon.

ThatCanadianGuy5141998d ago (Edited 1998d ago )

Totally agree.Both are already well cemented in the industry hall of fame forever.

Personally, i grew up playing Nintendo and Playstation (more nintendo back in Snes days) But as i grew up, Playstation grew up with me while nintendo kind of stayed the same.

I tend to think of the companies as, Nintendo being that old friend from elementary school who you just kind of stopped hanging out with over the years.Playstation being that longtime best friend you had, and get along with so well.Xbox is like that annoying 3rd wheel kid who tries so hard to hang out with you and playstation.Then there is PC, who is your asshole of a big brother.

Something like that lol

miyamoto1998d ago (Edited 1998d ago )

We should all thank Nintendo and Sega for Sony PlayStation.

Mark Cerny is such an inspired humble genius.

Triforce0791998d ago

No they don't and this guy is right plus every top developer will agree end of Nintendo for quality are the benchmark.

3-4-51998d ago

I like the differences between the two.

Sony will never be Nintendo and Nintendo will never be Sony and that is ok. It's how it should be.

There are experiences you can't have on Sony that you can with Nintendo and the other way around.

It would be boring if every company was the same or tried to make the same games.

Triforce0791998d ago

Your right Sony do quick graphic heavy same old gameplay games with low frame rates to add even more detail,and Nintendo make complete game experiences,Sony's 1st party games are coming out almost as quick and rushed as EA's yearly rubbish....

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Walker1998d ago (Edited 1998d ago )

Mark Cerny is a true industry's legend !

TheEvilWithin1998d ago

Nintendo and SONY need to stay forever! I love both of these company's. I could not see gaming any other way. Nintendo gives the bright colorful fun worlds to play and SONY shows that darker side of gaming that we all like to dip into as well lol I will support BOTH of these gaming company's whole heartedly. As it is I already spend close to 4 grand a year on gaming. Nintendo and SONY will get my support for how ever long they decide to stay.

Xwow20081998d ago

A comment from eurogamer :)

"Meanwhile...Microsoft brings Nancy "watercooler" Tellem into the fold.

*slow clap*

*Tumbleweed rolls by...*"


PSjesus1998d ago

Nintendo is nothing without Shigi M

nypifisel1998d ago

This is actually true. Every single franchise Nintendo has practically came out of Miyamatos brain.

TXIDarkAvenger1998d ago

Just like how Sony is nothing without Naughty Dog

SoapShoes1998d ago

Not really, they have other studios like Santa Monica that are just as talented. Plus Sony operated without owning Naughty Dog for a while and only had 4 games from one franchise by them on PS1 while Miyamoto has created several franchises for Nintendo.

TXIDarkAvenger1998d ago


I'm just repeating what other PS3 owners have said. Naughty Dog is the sole reason some people are buying a PS4.

a_bro1998d ago (Edited 1998d ago )

not really, people are talking about infamous: second son, and thats a sucker punch title. people are buying a PS4 for lots of other reasons besides naughty dog. you can never go wrong with Sony's 1st party studios, they always bring their big guns.

Also, Mark Cerny is the Bob Ross of gaming, just because of how he explains what he did with the system. Happy little clouds...

Skips1998d ago (Edited 1998d ago )

"Naughty Dog is the sole reason some people are buying a PS4."

Just one GT from Polyphony Digital would sell more than a lot of Naughty Dog titles combined.... -_- A Sony Santa Monica title would probably sell just as much... Hell, Sucker Punch's Infamous SS is actually the most talked about exclusive right now. More than any others....

So the same could be said for any other studio...

"Just like how Sony is nothing without Naughty Dog"

-_______- No, just no.... In NO way is that similar...

Miyamato = Pretty much ALL of Nintendo's franchises.

Naughty Dog = Crash, Jak, Uncharted, The Last Of Us.

^^^ LOL! Sony has A LOT more IP's, just as popular as those kiddo.

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