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Sony: "It's not the decline of consoles, it's the decline of a generation"

"Cloud gaming services are launching next year in the US so PlayStation 4 and Vita users will be able to play PlayStation 3 catalogue games even though there's no native compatibility on the system itself. That's just one example of how we can improve the system. (Dev, Industry, PS Vita, PS3, PS4)

sherimae2413  +   447d ago
i really hope it works! this will be another good feature to ps4 and vita ^_^
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xxPillsxx  +   447d ago
It's funny because most PS3 owners hate or ignore PS Vita, it's a Sony system too, I just don't get why people hate on it everytimes it gets a news that gets in the way.
MasterCornholio  +   447d ago
Now thats just stupid because the Vita is a fantastic handheld.

BTW i own one plus a PS3 and soon a PS4.
stuntman_mike  +   447d ago
the vita is awesome, i think people need to actually play one to get a feel for it and that's the problem.
for myself I've got the vita bug and want vita versions of most of the games i have seen lately.
Aceman18  +   446d ago
I own one with a PS3. Will also have PS4 later this year.
elmaton98  +   446d ago
I hadn't used a vita until recently when I decided to pay a visit to my local gamestop to buy the last of us and, I gotta be honest with you, it's awesome and right now I'm saving some money to buy me one to take full advantage of the ps4 once it comes out.
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sackboyhappy  +   446d ago
i dont hate or ignore the vita, i just wouldn't use one if i had one, just like my psp that is never used.
pixelsword  +   446d ago
Yeah, never got into the handheld thing myself; I must admit I was interested in the PSP when they said you could download your PS3 games and play them on it, but since basically one game I heard of did it, and the PSP didn't have sixaxis, it was a no-go.
Killzoner99  +   446d ago
Ummm I don't think so troll. True Playstation fans embrace everything Sony puts out. The only people you see hating on it are jealous trolls.
hellzsupernova  +   446d ago
I think you are misinformed I have a vita and a ps3 and a per ordered ps4 I love the vita cannot wait for the ps4 vita combo
tarbis  +   446d ago
Some of my personal and psn friends who have a PS3 and PSP bought a PS Vita at launch or within the launch year. And many more are interested in getting a PS Vita.
I don't know where you get that "most PS3 owners hate or ignore PS Vita". Care to share your basis?
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jujubee88  +   446d ago
Huh? Every PS3 owner I know has or wants a VITA and are totally digging the handheld.

Online, I think the people who do that just flat-out have never gotten their hands on a VITA. Which is a shame, because vita is by far my favorite handheld in existence.
Modestmex  +   446d ago
A girl!!!
Hicken  +   446d ago
Your first time seeing one in the wild?
zippycup  +   446d ago
nah its a pic he found online its not a girl
imXify  +   446d ago
I don't think so. She talks about the Vita everytime here and all her avatars were taken directly from a Vita. I can easily detect this simply by the picture quality.
wastedcells  +   446d ago
The Last of us on my Vita! Nice.
Freedomland  +   447d ago
Next generation is close at hand with PS4 to entertain us for coming 10 years with their great games.
lucidity  +   447d ago
I think what he's saying is more true than pundits are willing to believe. The current gen feels like it's long overstayed its welcome. We'll see soon enough just what that means for the sales of new boxes.
Minato-Namikaze  +   447d ago
I didnt actually feel that way until the PS4 reveal, mainly because sony has so many games coming out this year and i have so many games left to finish and buy. But after seeing the PS4 and its social features (which i am starting to do now on the PS3) i definitely can't wait until next gen gets here.
Larry L  +   447d ago | Well said
I'm glad so many people plan to support PS4 right from launch. Because if everyone was against them again, as a loyal Sony gamer I'd be forced to spend what little money I had on getting the PS4 at launch to help support the system right off the bat. Because I know they're going to be selling PS4 I can put off buying one for a while.

Don't get me wrong, I really want a PS4, but 3 things mean I have to, or at least would REALLY like to put of the PS4 purchase as long as I can (about a year or so).

1. I'm poor and can't find steady work, so I need to be as thrifty of a gamer as I can. To have a fun and happy holiday season I can't spend $500 on a PS4 and a game or 2. Unless something changes in my situation this is the major thing that's holding me back......MONEY.

2. PS3 still has ALOT to offer me for well over a year, perhaps even 2 strong years. I still play GT5 daily, GT6 has far more depth of content/customisation, and will have alot of track DLC/ So I could be quite happy with just GT6 for over a year. But there are also 2 other long term play games for me coming to PS3, Diablo 3 and FF14. Not to mention GTA5 and the rest of my 2013 back catalogue of PS3 game I havn't been able to afford this year like Last of Us, Injustice and GoW:A.

And 3. I'm not a "social gamer". Oh, I love playing online with people, I mean I really don't care about things like Facebook, and sharing with people hourly updates on what I'm doing all the time. I didn't use cross-game chat when I had a Xbox, and I still don't want it now. If I'm using my headset I talk to the people I'm actually gaming with......I could go on and on about not caring about social gaming features. I just care about the games I like. And luckily for my wallet this year, the games I REALLY want, are all coming out on PS3.

I'll be getting a PS4 as soon as I can, I'm just glad I have the freedom to not rush it because PS3 is still rocking and rolling. It's truly amazing to me how long this console generation lasted with really both systems being so short on RAM, but especially PS3 with only 256 Mb of RAM and 256 Virtual RAM.
jukins  +   447d ago
I cant wait for this feature, but im also wondering how its going to be handled. will games be free via playstation+ or will an additional fee be required or even a higher tier subscription fee.
NihonjinChick  +   447d ago
I'm think a fee. It will probably be something like OnLive.
BitbyDeath  +   446d ago
I don't see them giving away the entire PS3 catalogue for a small fee. I'd think it'll just be indivudal games you buy.
jukins  +   445d ago
That's the thing though it won't be the entire catalog. Just like they did with ps1 games I can see a few ps3 titles every week added. Because getting permission for the entire catalog is next to impossible. But at the same time if its priced like Netflix streaming is def sign up as long as titles I want to play are available and game streamih actually works.
mickaelmc  +   447d ago
What I need to know is, will they expect me to pay for the ps3 games that I already own... Again??
JoySticksFTW  +   447d ago
You know that's coming unfortunately

Rumor has it Sony was actually building a pool of PS2 disc-based games to actually run on non-bc PS3's before they found out that they could double-dip with HD remasters.

I'm guilty of loving HD remasters though :D
Minato-Namikaze  +   447d ago
Do you have to sell your ps3? Cause i'm not and I'm going to continue to play games on it while i have my ps4.
devwan  +   447d ago
You can still use your ps3 for that. This is a streaming service, it's nothing to do with what games you have on your shelf.
KrimsonKody  +   447d ago | Well said
To some degree, I do believe that cloud service is the future of gaming.
There's different benefits to it, like how it gives game companies more control over their games, thus, eliminating 3rd party profits. Whether this is good or bad is subjective to the gamer making the purchase.
On another spectrum, it's a brilliant idea! Gamers want to play games, tons of it. Sometimes they may not care about physically owning it. Cloud service allows you to do that.
However, even in a futuristic world of cloud service, I think, in certain cases, we should still be entitled to physical copies.
pkb79  +   447d ago
So excited to have to re-buy games I already own just to play them on the PS4/Vita.
Dno  +   447d ago
wow that's stupid just play them on your PS3. That's what im gonna do.

Do you people know you don't have to buy things you don't want to buy? or rebuy things you already own? Cause I do lol.
pkb79  +   446d ago
Oh I know I don't have to. My point is that Sony should allow those of us with physical copies of older games, who have been bying PS games for 15+ years, to add them to our PSN account.

Not offering that option is just a cash grab.
clearelite  +   446d ago
I plan to have my PS2, PS3, and PS4 all sitting peacefully in the same area.
mydyingparadiselost  +   446d ago
I find it outrageous that only Nintendo has offered any kind of BC this gen. Every other company just keeps looking for ways to have you spend more money on the exact same thing all over again. Has the idea of value just gone away all together?
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Dno  +   446d ago
But its not a cash grab its a completely different service. Its not as simple as reading a disk and playing it on Gaikai. Its a streaming service.

If you are on their servers taking up bandwidth you need to be paying. Remember you are on the internet streaming like Netflix. You never heard anyone ask "Hey Netflix I own this already in Blu-ray can I watch it for free"..... that doesn't make a lot of sense.
hellzsupernova  +   446d ago
It's probably not that simple. Cause ps3 disk based games wouldn't have anything built into them at the moment that would allow Sony to know weather you bout that game or borrowed.

I know what you are saying and would love that too but yeah it's. un realistic
sAVAge_bEaST  +   447d ago
So Sony explains the cloud, and it seems understandable, Microsoft explains the cloud, and it seems magical.
Minato-Namikaze  +   447d ago
You know what they say about magic right, lol.
LoveOfTheGame  +   447d ago
Perfect pic for this.

Related image(s)
pixelsword  +   446d ago
I actually wanna know what they say (hopefully, it's funny)

I don't know what they say about magic myself, other than it's bull-plop.
humbleopinion  +   447d ago
Any mention of the costs to customers? Or will it at least be part of PS+? Paying to stream a game which you already own is kind of annoying.
tubers  +   447d ago
If you "own" it digitally, I hope not.
nevin1  +   447d ago
@jukins and mickaelmc

I'm guessing fee. I mean Its funny how PSP, PS3 and Vita plays PS1 games through emulation but why isnt PS1 not supported on PS4? Thats alone tells me there's going to be a fee.

Or am I missing something?
wolokowoh  +   447d ago
PS1 "discs" won't play. They never said there wouldn't eventually be a way to emulate them. In fact they suggested they will be available through Gaikai emulation. I hope it's similar to what PS3 does but Gaikai emulation would be fine for many. Remember how slow PS1 emulation on Vita has been rolling out. Just because they haven't mentioned it doesn't mean it isn't planned.
Dlacy13g  +   447d ago
I think thats a well put statement. The state of things are much more of a decline of the generation and clearly by early pre-order signs not a decline of console gaming.
bsquwhere  +   447d ago
Why is everyone complaining about buying games you already own. Don't trade in your ps3..or trade those games in and buy a psn card. Plus it a general service your paying for not individual games. I think its a great addition to the PlayStation universe.

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