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PS4: Third-Parties 'Wanted 1000 Times The Power Of PS3'

NowGamer: Dealing with third party developers 'was tricky', claims Sony's PS4 lead architect Mark Cerny. (Industry, Mark Cerny, PS4)

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iGAM3R-VIII  +   761d ago
and they sure got it
Dlacy13g  +   761d ago
sorry ...they are not getting 1000 times the power of the PS3.
abzdine  +   761d ago | Well said
it's a so to speak what he said, and why do you care in first place? you are always trolling PS4 news
Dlacy13g  +   761d ago
I eventually plan on getting a PS4 just like I have a PS3. I do like many of Sony's 1st party offerings.
abzdine  +   761d ago
yeah ok sorry but i remember every PS4 news is posted you need to come and react negatively on it.
I can tell you even PS5 wouldn't be 1000times more powerful than PS3, you shouldn't take everything you read so serious.
Septic  +   761d ago

"yeah ok sorry but i remember every PS4 news is posted you need to come and react negatively on it.

You do the EXACT same thing with regard to the X1! Absolute hypocrite.

Also, its obvious iGamer didn't even bother reading the article (what a surprise).

""Basically the teams said that if we can afford to give them 1,000 times the performance of the PS3 then go ahead, do it."

So basically, third parties shared a Jeremy Clarkson moment and wanted "more POWAH". Not surprising considering the long lifecycle of the PS3 and the developments made in tech.
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seanpitt23  +   761d ago
Even $5000 pcs are not 1000 x the power of the ps3
Sony360  +   761d ago

Perhaps he's reacting to the over excitement of the first comment.
Dlacy13g  +   761d ago
@abzdine I have my preferences for sure but that doesn't mean I don't appreciate or want Sony product. I have a slim 120GB PS3 and am in the midst of The Last of Us which I will put up as one of the best games not only this year but ranks up in the top 10 for this generation. I give credit where credit is due and will call out things as I see fit.

I have been critical of MS as well...and very critical of Nintendo. I love the gaming industry and Sony has been the hot topic lately for N4G so its hard to not comment in them.
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Why o why  +   761d ago
Lmao....dlacy actually corrected the guy...lmao....some people
The_Con-Sept  +   761d ago
We wanted an Xbox 720 but instead we get a 180....
abzdine  +   761d ago
no need to be agressive like this.
the reason why i seem to hate the X1 is that it's an anti consumer product and all the lies around it.
PS4 on the other hand everyone knows what is happening and for the first time Sony has been very good at communicating with consumers, which makes the PS4 a pro-consumer product and it deserves all attention.
nothing hypocrit about this, just saying what i'm seeing, up to you to agree or not.
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GribbleGrunger  +   761d ago
@abzdine: It's not always trolling if someone disagrees you know, especially when they're right. The PS4 is 10x the power of the PS3, not 1000x more powerful. But let's be honest, Cerny was just exaggerating what developers asked for to express an unobtainable and unrealistic goal, and iGAM3R-VIII just agreed for fun. If some of you can't tell the difference between literal and figurative, you might want to look up Aspergers
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kevnb  +   761d ago
people can be against the misleading pr without hating the ps4...
PSVita  +   761d ago
Try reading the article next time..
Ritsujun  +   761d ago
Dacy13gal is one serious queen.
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liorishot  +   761d ago
I want my own talk show but i aint getting it
Majin-vegeta  +   761d ago

Watch the ending.
3-4-5  +   761d ago
So basically - It could have been even more powerful and had a better GPU, but developers would have run into the same problem as the PS3 with being un-familiar with the tech and thus having to re-learnr more stuff instead of just applying good ideas to what they know and making games.

It's more important to make the dev process smooth and as fast as possible, than it is to have the best ultimate mega graphics.
whoyouwit04  +   761d ago
Dude, A 1000 times more powerful then PS3 was never going to happen. Do you know how much that console would cost if it was that powerful?
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SatanSki  +   761d ago
The devs were asking for as powerfull hardware as Sony can provide but they ended with... this. Sony could design several time more powerfull sysytem with the same architecture but it would be more costly. IMO nextgen hardware is ok for a couple of years but will get old really fast and im disappointed with it.
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wishingW3L  +   761d ago
PS4's only like 4-5 times stronger than the PS3 not 1,000 times.
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kayoss  +   760d ago
The article never said the PS4 was 1000 times more powerful then PS3. He said the Developers wanted the PS4 to be 1000 time stronger then the PS3 but he never confirm or said it was.
mike32UK  +   761d ago
I'm sorry, I'm Sony all the way but come on man...
Krosis  +   761d ago
Put the Kool-Aid down lol I'd say the PS4 is roughly 10 times more powerful than the PS3. Every new console is roughly 10 times more powerful than the last.
Andronix  +   761d ago
Does anyone know if there is a recorded stream of this?
Doctor_Freeman  +   761d ago
"Wanted 1000 times more power than the PS3"

What world are they on.

I can see wanting 5-10 times more power, but 1000?

Get real
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SatanSki  +   761d ago
Jesus Christ its just an figurative expression. Is it so hard to understand? :rollseyes:
Mkai28  +   761d ago
Let me know when you spend $100,000 on the 1000 times more powerful PS4.
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scissor_runner  +   761d ago
That would be a i7 pc. 64 gigs of ram, you know the gear we use to build games with.
Auron  +   761d ago
I thought they said its tens times more powerful on Jimmy Fallon
CyberFlux  +   761d ago
I doubt the PS8 would have "1000" times the power of PS3.
jimmywolf  +   760d ago
assuming console cycle last 8 years, that 32 years from now. they say every year we been doubling power in graphic cards an technology improves.

so it not hard too beleave, am sure a ps4 is 1000 times more powerful then a nes or super nes.
dredgewalker  +   761d ago
I wanted a power level of over 9000!
Mr_Nuts  +   761d ago
I actually want to see how many people use that extra 2 GB of RAM since you have that thing with MS about both versions having to be the same, one can't be superior on a rival platform. I mean they moaned on for more RAM for years so I hope they use it on the PS4
Why o why  +   761d ago
1st/2nd parties will pave the way I'm sure. There'll be nowhere to hide for not pushing if its viable to do so.


Some devs are too big to be bullied to the extent of some of the smaller ones.. Rock* will probably push as much as they can and ease ms off with a dlc rebate
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Mr_Nuts  +   761d ago
The thing I don't understand is that with some high level developers, MS needs them more then they need MS

Take Rockstar for example, lets say for GTA6 in the far future they decide to use that 2GB of RAM and give the PS4 advantages and more content over the Xbox One version...would Microsoft really tell Rockstar to dumb their own game down or to take a hike, of course they wouldn't. Even if they did the backlash of not letting them put GTA6 on the Xbox One would be huge and MS would finally give in

So really some developers like Rockstar could get away with it if they wanted.
testerg35  +   761d ago
I thought there were multiplats that were better on the PS3 than 360?

I don't think it was the cell/rsx that gave the PS3 the advantage, but it was BR. With BR you could have a ton more detailed textures. It wasn't that cpu/gfx of the 360 couldn't handle lets say Uncharted, but if they created one for 360 there wouldn't be as many levels.
Why o why  +   761d ago
Talent has been sonys biggest advantage or the use of the talent available. NaughtyMonicaDigitalDream could probably do wonders on the 360 ....Sony were smart and efficient in getting them on board and nurturing high quality from them.
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BISHOP-BRASIL  +   761d ago

That's because BD games could have up to around 5 times more content than a single DVD games, while CPU/GPU, even if better on PS3, was not 5 times more powerful or faster, so I guess DVD being pointed constantly is just a matter of what stand out the most.

That said, BD is not the only reason why you don't see Uncharted 3 graphics level on Xbox 360. Actually it had everything to do with processing capabilities of each console, not simply because CPU/GPU on PS3 was better or not, but more due to architecture, from split memory (having a gfx memory much faster) to cell handling graphics tasks (thus liberating more to be taken from GPU).

Despite being too complex for it's own good, PS3 architecture actually had a lot of potential for games and it definetelly paid off later on. Look at Battlefield 3 and Gears 3, possibly the best looking games on 360, but they are still not yet in the same level of MGS4, which is a 2008 game on PS3. The catch was it took some good 2 years for devs to take a grip with PS3 (a little more to get better development tools) and even so it demanded an extra effort most publsihers are not willing to allow their devs to make.

But none the less the differences in hardware are there, giving some advantages for PS3 that were practical. Try comparing whichever you think is the best looking 360 game to say the latest Killzone, Uncharted or God of War... And it's almost abdurd PS3 graphics may still be evolving in some areas, but they are, look at the lighting on The Last Of Us (not a graphical marvel like Uncharted, but that lighting is impressive) or the models and animations in Beyond Two Souls.

I would notice through that the only major technical advantage PS3 had over 360 was visual. Tune the graphics a little down and yes, there's no reason 360 won't run those games if it's a digital download or can be installed from multiple discs. AI, physics and other stuff like that, although some could been done better on PS3 theoretically, I had seen nothing pointing at major difference in capability there... In fact, I don't see any devs pushing at much better AI or physics anywhere, not even on PC where devs are not limited by hardware specs.
scissor_runner  +   761d ago
Why of why is right on the money. It wasn't power it was talent. I remember when the artist that made drake blew every ones mind with the same polygon count that we where all using. Unfortunately their game designers have not caught up with their hd content production. The power in the cell could not be tapped for games but it was a great peice of hype pr.

Also most programmers only need 4gigs of ram. The rest will be used for data stacks like voxels, zbrush like programs or megatextures. Yet ram is cheap 64 gigs is $400 almost.

Sony needs to drop the power branding and put the art at the fore front and invest in making fun playable addictive games. Call movie games what they are and lower the price also to compete with the box office. Otherwise ms will out spend them.
ILive  +   761d ago
Why are you people always referencing the ms policy when it has nothing to do with graphics? Its getting really irritating because its is not what the policy states. People have explained it over and over but people just cant seem to get it. If it were that important, how come some current gen ports are much better on the ps3. Ff13 and la noire for example. Even if a developer couldnt get their games on the xbox 1, what would stop it from being successful on the ps4 alone if many were interested in playing it. People should go read the policy again for goodness sake.
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Mr_Nuts  +   761d ago
It dosn't have to be graphics, it could be more content or extra features etc
mediate-this  +   761d ago
I can honestly see more third party exclusives for sony this gen because the more power available from the ps4. maybe devs will want to push their games if they squeeze more power from ps4.
KimDongHwan  +   761d ago
Most third party developers didn't even use the power of the PS3
Blankolf  +   761d ago
We could go on about how the PS3 architect was complex and the PS4 architect is the most simple there is, but I don't feel like it sir.
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Minato-Namikaze  +   761d ago
Still doesnt make his statement untrue...
Blankolf  +   761d ago
Is statement is as true as mine is, just adding to the statement, Minato-kun.
ziggurcat  +   761d ago
"We could go on about how the PS3 architect was complex..."

that's just an excuse for laziness. it boils down to 3rd party devs not taking the time to really learn how to code for the PS3 architecture rather than the complexity of the architecture itself.
testerg35  +   761d ago
ziggurcat, I think it goes both ways. I don't think Sony had great dev tools to begin with which was the opposite of what MS had. 1st party devs had Sony to help them out.
saikorican  +   761d ago
I'm not sure why everyone is getting downvoted for saying this, it's a well known fact that due to the cell architecture of the PS3 it wasn't exactly the most easy thing to develop for. I'm not exactly sure to the full extent how difficult it was, I am not a developer, but certainly complex enough to give big time devs trouble. So with that logic third parties would have been facing a great challenge. Third parties don't always have the time or money for that much research.
Sony360  +   761d ago
nor did they use the power of the Xbox 360. Both consoles only saw a push with first party developers, and as the Ps3 had better first party support, we saw it pushed harder.

The xbox 360 lacked the first party support the Ps3 had and didn't reach it's graphical potential with any exclusives.

We only saw a few developers do well with it, such as Crytek, who were able to push both systems quite equally.
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CrossingEden  +   761d ago
well that's because the ps3 was a really crappy console to develop for compared to the xbox and wii, the only people who knew how to use it were first party studios
scissor_runner  +   761d ago
That power was designed to decode blu rays not make games. Power is a funny thing. If it is designed for the wrong reason it will become useless.

You could build a rocket but those don't make turns all that well. Now a jet that can out bank it would matter more. The rocket can only go straight yet a jet can do way more.

So I applaud their change to x86. Yet I'm still not sold on gddr for a CPU yet. Xdr had similar claims yet it ended up being slow for very important things.
strigoi814  +   761d ago
Funny thing is they want 1000 times better than the PS3 but they cant even maxed out the hell out of the PS3 and some are struggling on the cell...oh well wish they do better this time around the PS4
IcicleTrepan  +   761d ago
It's called the law of diminishing returns. Why bother putting in a ton of extra work just to make it look a tiny bit better.
andibandit  +   761d ago
Could not have said it better myself
Foxgod  +   761d ago
I doubt that third party devs would be so simple to ask for unrealistic specs.
NihonjinChick  +   761d ago
You're taking it too literal. What he is saying is that devs wanted a more powerful console.
sigfredod  +   761d ago
Unfortunately most of the third party developers will not use the extra power, since when they make a game they design the mechanics of it on a PC and then translate it to the consoles OS, they only want their original design to work as properly it could and thats all, they don´t have interest on spend more time, resources or money to optimize the game for one console or the other, unless of course is DLC or exclusive content that can generate more money for them, thank god there is exclusives to make us really drool, maybe 1 or 2 at max will use the extra power at the end
ABizzel1  +   761d ago
Which is why it's possible that PS4 versions could be better, but nothing significantly noticeable. Some settings could be higher resolution, AA, AF, Texture quality, Blur quality, shadows, reflections, and more.

But again the details will be barely noticeable by the majority of 3rd party devs. If you want to see a real difference you'll have to wit for exclusives and first parties again. Unless the PS4 dominates and becomes lead platform for the majority of games in which case you'l see down ports of X1 versions.
ceballos77mx  +   761d ago
That's what I'm thinking, but how they whinned that they wanted more power on consoles, this time there's no excuses, the console is powerful and easy to develop on.

Ill be keeping an eye on Bethesda to see what excuses they will have next gen.
AKS  +   761d ago
Even if it could be made to be as easy as copying and pasting typed ideas that magically translated into game code, it would still have plenty of bugs if it's a Bethesda game. LOL. Great games, but they could use an overhaul in quality control as far as weird bugs.
clearelite  +   761d ago
Which is why PS4 exclusives will look the best next gen, because of first-party devs like naughty dog working with that specific hardware and learning to get the most out of it through continued optimization.
DEEBO  +   761d ago
he just saying strong hardware,easy to develop for system.close to the p.c where they create the games on so it's smooth process without the struggle.
Gimmemorebubblez  +   761d ago
Something tells me if Kututragi was in charge of Sony.....
(He ran for CEO but lost to Howard Stringer and then resigned, their is a very interesting article on how Kuturagi was ousted but I cant find it)

He would have made a expensive 4K system with a cluster-f*ck architecture that would out-power nearly any ultra high-end PC but instead we got Cerny, his vision was a affordable, powerful and easy to develop for system that will have a positive impact on the industry. Kuturagi was a mad genius and a visionary, all though I loved his bold visions ala 4D and I can bet my bottom dollar that Kuturagi's Ps4 would be ultra-powerful(more so than Cerny's Ps4) but I prefer Cerny he may not be as bold as his predecessor but his approach benefits everyone from devs to gamers and that matters more than how many Teraflops the system is capable of.
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Angeljuice  +   761d ago
I heard one journalist say "if Ken were still in charge, the PS4 would probably be powered by a team of hamsters linked together by some crazy device".

Which reminds me of a question I've been asking for years. If the human brain is referred to the most powerful computer in known existence, when are they going to start powering computers with organic 'brain-like' processors that are 'grown' in a lab?
Good_news_every1   761d ago | Spam
adorie  +   761d ago
If IBM is to be believed, it is.
dboyman  +   761d ago
Don't start giving Ken crazy ideas. His PS5 will be organic like synthetic brain device that will telepathically create holodeck like games environments in our own living rooms. Meanwhile they will become self aware, work towards a goal of conquering the world, and make everyone bow down before their "father" Ken Kutaragi... O_O
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stage88  +   761d ago
This is taken out of context.

I watched the live speech and Cerny said something along the lines that if somehow Sony could produce a machine that was 1000 times more powerful than the PS3 then devs would be extremely happy since technology has grown significantly during the PS3's launch and it could give the dev's a much a great playing field when creating games.

The dev's were not expecting to have 1000 times the PS3 power. It would be ludicrous.
sAVAge_bEaST  +   761d ago
It was a figure of speech, he is just saying they now have more options with the unified memory pool..,
sway_z  +   761d ago
That's a ridiculous expectation for third parties to request x1000 the power of PS3, in PS4!!

...and who's gonna pay for such a machine at the price it would need to be sold at?

...Certainly not me!, PS4 would have not been a mass market product at all.

We got roughly x10 the PS3 power in PS4 and that costs a manageable $399....so go figure the cost of x1000.
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KillrateOmega  +   761d ago
I think some of you guys are taking the whole '1000 times the power of the PS3' thing a little too literally...
Majin-vegeta  +   761d ago
Why not 9000 times more powerful??:(
Dark_Overlord  +   761d ago
Why not over 9000! ;)
Joshuatree  +   761d ago
I believe there was a error in translation of that article. I just saw Mark Cerny a few weeks ago live say they were targeting 10X the power of PS3 and in some cases they did, and some cases they got 16X more out of the new system.
Joshuatree  +   761d ago
actually, I just watched the presentation and sure enough someone really asked for 1000X the power of Ps3 if it was possible haha.
Supermax  +   761d ago
1 million times powerful then the ps3
piffyd  +   761d ago
well, the ram is its best feature and its only 16x the power

the cpu is probably 2x-3x the power (its only 1.6ghz after all) and the gpu maybe 3-4x the ps3's card

in total if I had to guess i'd say the ps4 is 6-8x the power of ps3

wish they would have listened to devs and put a good gpu in the ps4, instead they went with what, by all accounts, appears to be a laptop card, souped up a little sure, but its still a card designed for a laptop

the gpu is far and away the most important component in a gaming machine

by far it is the one component that can make or break a system

yes, they all need to be good, but if there was one thing I would spend the most on, its gpu all the way!
#16 (Edited 761d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
H3ADWOUND81  +   761d ago
Only a 1000? Why not go for a million times while your asking...
Slight over exaggeration maybe?
danthebios  +   761d ago
maybe we have seen the max potential of the ps3 by looking at Naughty dogs the last of us and uncharted series.The last of us tends to make my ps3 fan work overtime:) just hope its not about get the light of doom haha.
buynit  +   761d ago
Man some of you bug out over nothing...
Supermax  +   761d ago
1 trillion times the power of ps3.unlimited powerrrrrrrr lighting bolts from my fingers
shuuwai  +   761d ago
Fix: 3rd parties wanted 1000 Easier to develop their games on the PS4 vs. PS3. Which is true, No??
Mkai28  +   761d ago
People say such vain things, 1000 times means that you would have a 20 to 30 year console. Ps4 is roughly 8 to 10 times the power of ps3..

Depends on what they mean, the overall power or the GPU/CPU. PS4 is about 16 times faster than the PS3's CPU. The GPU is about 4.5x more powerful then the PS3 GPU..

PS3 CPU: 3.2 GHz/ GPU@550MHz
PS4 CPU: 2 GHz 8 Cor/[email protected]
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mippledipple  +   761d ago
I think the XBOX ONE will surely deliver what the third parties want. #excitement
ufo8mycat  +   761d ago
1000 times more powerful? That tech doesn't even exist.

And why would they want it 1000 times more powerful. All we would get is the same core gameplay we see today. The only difference is better graphics.

Or do they want it to be 1000x more powerful since that would give them a lot of a buffer for sloppy coding and save $$$ on optimisation? LOL

Hell, PS4 and 720 games will be the same folks. Don't expect to see any revolutionary new gameplay, just better graphics then PS3 or 360 games, because you don't need new hardware to do that, just a creative mind.
#24 (Edited 761d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
TBONEJF  +   761d ago
3rd parties want power stop complaning bout the power and stop being lazy & learn how too harness the CELL PROCESSOR on PS3 like NAUGHTY DOG did with UNCHARTED and Guerrila Games did with Killzone.
joeorc  +   761d ago
very good video
full video with CERNY

tiffac008  +   760d ago
Yoshida, House and Cenry are walking PR dynamos right now for Sony and in a very positive way.
joeorc  +   760d ago
100% whole heart agreement, and their experience and skillset just cannot be ignored. Sony and gamer's no matter if you are a Sony fan or Not, the Gamer is very lucky to have Mark Cerny in this industry. another one of the guy's who we are lucky to have is ED fries. check out this interview.


this one is pretty awesome also.
plsburydoughboy  +   761d ago
Those demands sound insane. I have to wonder if they actually made the Playstation 4 the '4K' console in the same way the PS3 was the BluRay console, if it would have been that powerful, and just as insanely costly as 4K televisions are right now.
DxTrixterz  +   761d ago
I don't even think that there is even a computer in known existence that is 1000 times powerful than ps3.
annus  +   761d ago
From a quick google search it appears that the PS3 is 1.8 teraflops, Tianhe-2 has a theoretical maximum of nearly 55,000 teraflops, so 30,500 times faster. But yes, you probably won't find any normal consumer product that is 1000 times more powerful.

kenshiro100  +   761d ago
Yet another article taken out of context.

Only on N4G.
Picnic  +   761d ago
It's lucky he didn't say:

'If you want a product that can do real-time ray-tracing there's a product out there that can do it for you. It's called the PC... '
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